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Guardian 23,914 by Brummie – Pretty tough

Posted by neildubya on November 3rd, 2006


I found it hard to get going with this; I did about 6 clues in 20 minutes and then got stuck. So I did something else for a while, came back to it and polished the rest off in about 10 minutes. I still don’t understand 18,3,22 though – I know the defintion is “saw” but I don’t see how the rest of the clue works.

1 P(HOB)OS – I like “top-of-the-range item” as HOB. Phobos is the largest of Mars’ two moons
11 REPITITIONAL – anagram of “Note: reptilia”
13 JO(E)Y – A joey is a baby kangaroo. Like the def “bounder in the making”
17 C-LAUD-I-US – or CLAVDIVS from the 80s TV series.
23 COBBER – is this china=china plate=mate=cobber? Or something a little less indirect that I’m missing?
12 CODLIN MOTH – I guessed CODLIN from checked and remaining letters as this was new tome
15 MILITARIA – Excellent surface reading; not misleading but reads perfectly.
16 PISSARRO – if you thought of Rory Bremner he’s the wrong kind of impressionist.
19 BEHEST(-ON) – my first thought was Bobby Charlton, rather than Charlton Heston.

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  1. says:

    what do you make of 26A? I see that TRAPPY can be coerced into an adjective describing a member of the Von Trapp family — I don’t get the “hardly the silent type”… i know about the Trappists (order of silence) — is that the deriviation somehow?

  2. says:

    18, 3, 22: LOOK BEFORE (YOU) LEAP

    “Saw butcher’s pre-spring lamb type, it’s said, inside ”

    I think I can parse most of this…
    “Saw” –> LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP is an instance of a saw (adage)
    “butcher” –> LOOK (i think this is rhyming slang)
    “pre” –> BEFORE
    “spring” –> LEAP
    “lamb type” –> YOU (sounds like ewe)
    “it’s said” –> homophone indicator
    “inside” –> YOU is contained inside the previous

    Not the world’s greatest surface but clean wordplay.

  3. says:

    The rhyming slang is butcher’s (hook) = look. “Butcher” wouldn’t be recognised as the same thing.

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