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Independent 6256 / Phi – easy but good …

Posted by petebiddlecombe on November 3rd, 2006


(a rival entry for the other I just glimpsed – let’s see how far we agree on clues to write about…) 

Solving time 4:32

… which is my view of Phi puzzles in general (though the Listener ones can be tough). This one was good for me as I knew Honegger at 11. Nice clues to the two long answers, and nice to see YOUR instead of ONE’S, though “What’s ones poison?” woud probably be counted as too silly even at the Times. Readers of my Times blog will know that I share an interest in classical music with Phi. If I’d also studied astronomy, his puzzles might be even quicker – Antares took a bit of working out.

1 SP (Starting Price)=odds,I,V.
11 HONE,G,G,ER – active first half of 20th century.  Best-known work: Pacific 231 – premiered at half-time in the England-France rugby international of 1928, says Greene’s Biog. Dict. of Composers.
13 ELEVEN – realised after stopping the clock that adding the two subs gets you the clue number = ‘here’.
17 H,O.R.=other ranks = “men”,RI(B)LE – get angry = rile
20 O,S,PREY=predate as in predator – nice confusion with predate = go before
22 ABOVE ALL – nice joke about dictionary order
25 ATMOSPHE = anag. of shop, meat,RE
5 ANT(ARE)S – a star, the brightest in the constellation Scorpius.
6 WHAT’S YOUR POISON – ref. their family history of skulduggery
18 ERASMUS – rev. of ‘sums are’
21 ROMAN – Fr. for novel as in “roman a clef” and similar phrases
23 LUR(e),ID(ea)

2 Responses to “Independent 6256 / Phi – easy but good …”

  1. says:

    More agreement on Downs than Acrosses. You were right to include a note about AA Milne, even though it seems “easy” knowledge, anyone without it would be stuck for an explanation.

  2. says:

    Re the bear, I did not know myself, either, so I said I’d better find out…. Must have had a deprived childhood.

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