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Indy 6256 Friday 3 November by Phi

Posted by nmsindy on November 3rd, 2006


Phi is another of the Indy’s weekly regulars.     I first encountered him in advanced puzzles.   Puzzles characterised by very accurate construction – I find I always understand the answer, once found.   This make him easy, too, though not his advanced puzzles, of course.

I solved this in 13 mins


4  BEAR WITH ME   CR is a friend of the bear Winnie-the-Pooh (AA Milne)

11 Arthur HONE – GG – ER  (1892-1955)

13  ELEVEN  players in a soccer team – two reserves refers to clue number 13

19 RESUME   double definition  – accents are ignored in crosswords

26  OPEN SEAS + ON = feasible

27  TIDY  –  I’d pencilled in TALL first


2  VOICE-OVER   O = Love in vice + over = discontinued

4 BRING-AND-BUY SALE  anagram of “bargain bundles” including y = yard.   Very good & lit type 

5  ANTARES   are = live in ants (soldiers)

6  WHAT’S YOUR POISON  What are you having to drink?   Poison associated with the Borgias  

8  MAUSOLEUM  au (gold) + sole (only) in mum

18  ERASMUS (defined to need no further explanation  SUMS ARE “raised” (this is a down clue)

21 ROMAN  Foreign novel, seemingly from Italy   French for novel (book)

22 LURID    lur less e = drug (ecstacy)  + ID (idea not half) 

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