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Guardian 23916/Rufus

Posted by ilancaron on November 6th, 2006


Solving time: 29’

Rufus puzzles are always fair, fairly straightforward with sensible surface readings and rarely does he use obscure vocabulary. He’s considered at the easy end of the Guardian scale. In this puzzle I only had to use Chambers once to learn a new meaning (19A), check wikepedia once (20A) and I encountered an unfamiliar Dickens character (13D).


9 COMPOSES – Double meaning with very different meanings: “to score” a composition.
17 ARK – cryptic definition: they went two by two so they each a mate.
19 TED – In Chambers discovered that “to ted” is to dry hay in the sun. Our friend Ted shows up in 11D as well.
20 WINE CELLAR – Graves is a wine producing region in Bordeaux: see this
26 INTERN – homophone(“in turn” = “one after another”).
29 SHE+A+THE – One of the more popular cryptic novels is “She” by H. Rider Haggard (who by the way I only know of due to a Goons sketch).


1 EACH – contained in tEACHers – surprising use of “a head” as the definition..
11 O(DET)TE – rev(“ted”) inside of anag(“toe”). Ted is a frequent cryptic nickname. I actually knew this since when I was about 5, I saw Margot Fonteyn as Odette.
13 CUTTLE+FISH – Had to trawl wikipedia to work out Captain Cuttle (“Dombey and Son”): a lesser known character in my opinion.
14 V+INDICATED – Roman numerals are fair game as numbers: I, V, X, D, L, C and M are the most common.
23 GUESS – I guess this is an Americanism still.

2 Responses to “Guardian 23916/Rufus”

  1. says:

    My favourite clue from this puzzle was

    Lifting the foot (5)

    which even with T_E_T took me a while. Simple but brilliant.

  2. says:

    yes — 6D is nice too — might even me an &lit (haven’t checked the stats on Evelyn’s distribution between boys and girls)

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