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Guardian 23918/Gordius – A reasonable amount of 11A.

Posted by neildubya on November 8th, 2006

1 QUAKERS – r, square (anag). The formal name for the Quakers is the Religious Society of Friends.
5 PELISSE – a long cloak, often with a fur lining. Homophone clue as the word is pronounced to sound like “police” (force).
9 Us in Atria – an atrium being a hall.
10 PLUMBER – p=soft, lumber=wood but the definition appears to be at the beginning and end of the clue – “worker” “with pipes”. Can’t really be an &lit as a plumber doesn’t work with softwood. Not without an outrageous callout charge anyway.
11 TOUGHNESS – anag. and &lit.
12 r in dive (“disreputable resort”) – I think some xwd eds come over all peculiar when they see “r” as “redhead” (or Peterhead for “p” etc) but the Guardian ed is obviously made of sterner stuff.
15 MAZE in anag of “at men”.
17 SOUTHWELL – which is a diocese or “see”. S(outh)well – see?
23 CANTONESE – hidden in “can’t one see” (which took me a while to spot for some reason) but I’m not sure how “how to make a start” indicates that it’s hidden.
26 TEACAKE – very good. Misleading surface and good homophones – “teak” (hardwood) and “ache” (pine).
1 QUARTER – as in “show no quarter” and “hung, drawn and quartered”.
2 As,sa(u)lt – a sailor in a crossword is usually AB, Tar, RN or salt. And one or two others that I’ve forgotten.
6 La,undress – I was expecting a French word here because of “give them a wash” and the clue having already referred to “the French”.
7 SUBLIME – ref “Unter den Linden”, a street in Berlin which translates as “under (sub) the lime trees”. Nice clue I thought.
8 EARNEST (anag) – ref “Importance of Being…”
17 SUMMERS – saucy.
18 Up,is(rev),lon(g) – the 20th letter of the Greek alphabet.
21 PRECESS – new word to me. Precession is the “motion of a spinning body…in which it wobbles so that the axis of rotation sweeps out a cone”. “Ce” is Church of England (establishment) in “press” (media), although strictly speaking the press are just one part of the media, aren’t they?

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