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Independent 6261/Math – Eightsquared

Posted by rightback on 9th November 2006


Solving time: 6:04

An impressive 11 answers on a 24dn theme, though only 13ac, 14dn and possibly 16ac are likely to have caused any difficulty for anyone with only a passing knowledge. I found the top right the hardest quarter.

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Guardian 23919/Paul – just my luck for my first post!

Posted by linxit on 9th November 2006


According to Hugh Stephenson, the Guardian crossword editor, Paul is the toughest of all the setters on the team. This puzzle certainly suggests that he’s not fibbing! My solving time was 29:44. I finished the bottom half fairly quickly but had almost nothing in the top half and must have stared at it for 10 minutes before getting a start. As is common in the harder Guardian puzzles, a lot of clues refer to the answers to others so you almost have to solve it in a particular order.

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