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Independent 6262/Phi — Gentle end to the week.

Posted by Colin Blackburn on November 10th, 2006

Colin Blackburn.

Solving time : about 20 minutes

A classic Phi puzzle, very fair Ximenean clues with a few cryptic definitions thrown into the mix.

1 PAST+ORAL — ORAL is always a good guess for exam (aka viva).
10 HACK+ER — Nice to see hacker being defined as computer expert rather than in its more malevolent sense.
15 S(UN)UP — article from Evian gives us UN (rather tha UNE, LE, LA or LES).
18 OB+SERVING — OB = Old Boy = former schoolfellow, I’m not sure if OB appears anywhere other than crosswords.
19 (b)EAGLE — I looked at this one quite early and did a mental trawl through six letter dog breeds, ALUKI and ETTER are not birds I know of.
20 INHERITANCE — This was the last clue I got. I tried to read more into it than I think is there. Unless somone else can tell me what I’m missing this is just a cryptic definition. It’s the word accepted that confuses me.
24 EN(I)G+MA — A classic case of using On the contrary to switch the container and filling around to give a good surface.
1 PERSUASION — A novel and what it might take to get me to read it.
3 (b)ORDER — Book (b) is removed from immigration area, an odd definition for border.
4 AT FIRST SIGHT — anag of THIS IS GRAFT + (cour)T. This threw me for a while as Phi managed to hide the anagram material using innocuous words like IS and THIS.
6 COASTLINE — anag of SECTIONAL, one of those perfect longer one word anagrams that occasionally arises, cf CART-HORSE and ORCHESTRA
11 MERRY-GO-ROUND — A cryptic definition and the first clue that I got. The clue screamed out CD and the enumeration left no room for dithering.
13 SUI GENERIS — anag of REISSUING + (s)E(eries) By the time I got to this clue I had enough checking letters to work out the anagram confidently despite my failure to grasp Latin at the age of 11.

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