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Guardian 23922/Rufus – cliched but clean

Posted by ilancaron on November 14th, 2006


Solving time: 16’

Mixture of clichéd crossword idioms and some clever wordplay. As usual, not a shaky surface in sight.

Apologies for not posting this yesterday – there’s a complicated story involving Geneva, stolen passport, Berne and lots of driving. Couldn’t find The Guardian at the Zurich airport so I tried The Independent. Oh and never park your car right next to a sign saying: “Beware of thieves operating in this area!” It doesn’t protect you.


9 NIGHTGOWN – cryptic definition of “late shift” – I initially thought “graveyard” (which is where you end up if you’re late).
10 DIS+CO –two clichés in a single clue: DI is either a girl or a princess. And CO for company. I wonder how cryptically common Di was before she married Charles. Anyone remember?
12 UNA+WARE – Another cryptically common girl. Only Una I know is the actress Thurman. [Correction: it’s Uma Thurman and Una Stubbs — thanks Michael]
16 HARVEST FESTIVAL – I liked this: he’s right, it’s the opposite: literally a celebration of the gathering.
21 SEC+CO – CO is short for “firm” this time.


3 ST+RIFE – Can’t have a puzzle without ST for “street”.
4 GONG –British slang for medal.
6 A+DJ+A+CENT – Nice surface and meaning for “putting on airs” which is what DJs do at parties or raves or whatever they are now.
8 BORE – Double meaning: last one I filled in. Was hard for me to parse the surface as: “one who always talks” and “well”.
17 ENDYMION – anag(“done in my”). I remembered the poem but not that it was by Keats.
18 VA+CA+TION – Two clichés again in a single clue: Virginia is a popular cryptic state and the English have Chartered Accountants. “Into” is the anagram fodder rather than indicating containment/insertion.
22 SI+RE – For our final cliché: RE for Royal Engineers. “is mounted” is SI. I’ve always wanted to use “is is” a la our ex-President — this is the closest.

3 Responses to “Guardian 23922/Rufus – cliched but clean”

  1. says:

    It’s actually Uma Thurman – which I’ve yet to see in a crossword (satsuma, anyone?) There’s Una Stubbs, of course but it’s true that Una probably appears more on the inside back page than anywhere else in the paper!

  2. says:

    There was that strange bloke Una Bomber as well.

  3. says:

    At least with ‘Stubbs’, one can suggest the painter.

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