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Independent 6264/Monk — two bad bus journeys’ worth

Posted by Colin Blackburn on November 14th, 2006

Colin Blackburn.

Solving time : yonks, bits of two 40 minute bus journeys with interruptions

This is a delayed post due to problems uploading the review last night, Neil stepping in when I didn’t appear. The following comments were made before reading Neil’s review. Perhaps it was tough then!

I found this one very tough. I don’t think the puzzle was difficult per se, I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind for it. It didn’t help that I didn’t know a word in one clue at all, that’s doosra in 15ac. This left me without one of the long answers and so struggling with half the grid for a good while. The anagram at 4dn hardly jumped out at me either.

1 THUR+B+ER — a humorist and cartoonist.
5 COT(rev)+EMMA — Toc Emma is phonetic slang for a trench mortar; here Peel is a reference to Emma Peel (The Avengers.)
11 FI(REA(r))RM — This threw me for a while as I had firearm as 4-3 rather than 7.
13 LAST BUT NOT LEAST — LAST = previous + anag of NETSUBTOTAL. This was the second answer I got after 5dn when everything was going well.
15 SPECIAL DELIVERY — double definition with a nice cryptic reading, unfortunately this is entirely after the fact as I had no idea what a doosra was. It was only after getting all the checking letters that the answer popped into my head. My partner suggested it might be a cricketing term, I dismissed that as she knows nothing about cricket while I used to set under the pseudonym Yorker.
19 B(ULLD)OG — anag of DULL. I believe a bulldog is a porter at an Oxford college. The term no doubt arises from their unsmiling demeanour and fierce disposition, they’re probably quite cuddle really.
20 U(NS)NARL — NS (poles) in UNLAR (2dn) with L at the end.
22 U-T(R)AP — despite the simplicity of this clue U-BEND was much more familiar to me than U-TRAP.
23 C+(STEP+RE+BY)(rev) — it took me a while to attach the virtually to animals, nice when it happened.
1 TANKFUL — Clio here is a Renault car.
4 RHEUMATOLOGICAL — anag of A ROGUE CLAIM LOTH. Not an anagram that jumped out at me even after I had LOGICAL pencilled in. Joint study really worked to hide the definition from me for most of the puzzle. It didn’t help that AUTHOR popped out of the anagram material.
5 TELEPHONE NUMBER — a straightforward cryptic definition that gave me my first answer.
14 SMEL(L A RA)T — On the contrary, again; thus it’s a girl in a fish rather than a fish in a girl.
16 YELTSIN — anag IN STYLE. This had an excellent partial &lit surface for anyone who remembers Yeltsin dancing tipsily.

2 Responses to “Independent 6264/Monk — two bad bus journeys’ worth”

  1. says:

    Doorsa is often used in the same sentence as Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lankan cricketer) and has similar status to that of Warne’s ‘flipper’.

    Incidently I played against Muttiah twice back in about 1997/8 – the guy can turn the ball square – both ways! Though I can proudly say he didn’t get me out and I pulled the guy for 4 through square leg.

  2. says:

    ‘Bus journey’s worth’? Surely this was the worth of more than one journey!


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