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Independent 6266/Dac

Posted by neildubya on 15th November 2006

1 PAD,U,A – accomodation=”pad”
4 CHE in BUT, RED – Nice clue for beginners: Che (Guevara) is the crossword solver’s favourite revolutionary and a communist is almost always “red”.
9 CH, APTER (“more suitable”)
10/11 PUT ONE’S FINGER ON IT – something else for beginners to note: “one’s” is usually preferred to “your” in phrases like this. One exception was in a crossword from last week – “WHAT’S YOUR POISON”. Using “one’s” there would just sound silly.
16 GAELIC – sounds like “gay” (carefree) and “lick” (defeat).
18 HOT DOG – solvers of last Saturday’s Scorpion puzzle will know that “Mick the Miller” was a famous hot-dog. Walthamstow is home to a famous dog track.
27 ENTICER – anag of “reticent” without the “t”.
28 I’D in PRESENT (here)
1 PACIFISM – nice &lit clue. IF,I,CAP (all going “up”) + SM (sergeant-major).
3 AT THE READY – anag of “treated hay”. I thought “freshly” was a good anagram indicator here.
5 TOPPING – Interesting juxtaposition of old and new slang here. If I understand this one correctly, Dac is using the “street” definition of “wicked” to mean “good”. Topping someone obviously means to kill them but it is also a slang word for good although I can’t imagine anyone has actually used it in conversation this side of the 1940s.
7 RINGTAILS – anag of “starling” + I. Not sure about the use of “…spotted being pecked by vicious…” though – seems to be stretching things a bit to make the clue read well.
8 The wrong clue was printed in the newspaper – see eimi’s comment on this post for the correct one.
15 BIOSPHERE – anag of “beer I” and “hops” with “brewed” being a perfect anagram indicator.
19 GEORDIE – I saw G?O?D?E and filled in the rest without bothering to work out the wordplay. Looking at it now, I see that it’s EG (say) “set up” + I in ORDE(-R)
20 A EWE’S in MT – a Mae West is (or was) a life-jacket.
24 RECTO – hidden in “directory”. A simple but nicely worded clue and an illustration that “hidden” clues don’t always have to refer to something being hidden or concealed – “torn from” does the job here.
25 SOLI – plural of “solo” and nearly “solid” (reliable)

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