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Guardian 23924/Araucaria – no cross-references!

Posted by ilancaron on November 16th, 2006


Solving time: Bits and pieces in about 1h

For the first time in my (limited) Araucarian experience, nary a cross-referenced clue. Not much need for a dictionary either: though 14D, while making some sense, was unfamiliar to me. Likewise, 20D had me guessing a bit and I needed to resolve matters. Finally, 1D was new to me as well but the wordplay fell into place: obviously didn’t sing enough carols in school. Not sure I detect a theme here either.


4 F(OREN)AME – rev(“Nero”) inside of FAME: he wasn’t a nice emperor (who was?)
8 WISH FULFIL(a)MENT – wishful “thinking” followed by filament for “thread” missing an “a”: the whole thing meaning “dreams coming true”.
10 LAND A(u)+R+MY – precise wordplay with iffy surface: if the setter has something it’s MY. Landau carriages are a pre-BMW German import. Def is women farm workers in the war.
11 W(RE)ATH – anag(“what”) around RE.
18 CAP+ER(NA)UM – site of the famous bread and wine speech I think. ER and UM are classic cryptic interjections when you’re not quite sure… with NA for sodium.
21 FLAMEN+CO – FLAMEN is a Roman priest.
21 N+OR(THUMB+ER)LAND(o) – Tom is frequently a cat or Thumb in crypticland. Orlando from As You Like It and Harry Hotspur was Earl of Northumberland.
25 DANNY BOY – Almost a spoonerism of Bonny Day: which is Scots I guess.


1 NOWELL NOWELL – can’t get water if there aren’t any wells. Also a Xmas carol.
2 RO(SE NOB)LE – gold coin of yore: rev(bones = “relics”) inside of ROLE.
13 (L.Y.)+TT+ELTON (John) – I’ve actually heard of Humphrey Lyttelton. Not sure about TT for “pledged” (not to drink?)
14 D+APPLEB(A)Y – Kind of mottled horse. Turns out there’s a fair in the town of Appleby.
20 SHONA – Zimbabwean tribe and island in Scotland and girl’s name.
23 CUR+B – Our beast is a CUR and the first bit of “beast” is B. The thing you put in their mouth is a bit to curb their aggression.

2 Responses to “Guardian 23924/Araucaria – no cross-references!”

  1. says:

    TT is usually “teetotal” so I guess this is a reference to “taking the pledge” (is that what they do in AA?).

  2. says:

    The fair in Appleby is more than just a fair, it’s horse fair where travellers come together from all over the UK to buy and sell horses. It’s an amazing time of year as many of the travellers turn up with their finest horse-drawn caravans and pitch up on the roadsides on the edges of the Yorskshire Dales in the days before the fair. There’s quite a bit of illegal horse racing and gambling going on too, probably a bit of drinking and fighting too!

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