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Independent 6267 by Phi – Typical high quality puzzle, average in difficulty

Posted by nmsindy on November 16th, 2006


Everything perfectly  constructed, wording to set you off on the wrong track at first in some cases.

Solved in 18  mins – about average for me for a Phi Indy.


7 PRINT RUN – Pr = prince + in + anagram of turn “reviewed”.  Nice to see issue meaning something other than a child – which I’ve never heard any one use in conversation.

9 ROCKET – r + (s)ocket. Would have thought of socket as a source rather than a supply of electricity, but this may be nit-picking – it was the second last clue I solved.

10 DISC – disc(over)  deliveries = over (cricket).

11 MORATORIUM – orator + I = one in mum.

12 RECALL – rec + all   This looks (and is) very straightforward, but it nicely misled me – I was looking for a container and contents at first “in memory”.

13 OPERATIC – era in optic.  Note adjectives here.  Definition is “of music drama and optic = eye’s.

15 FABIAN SOCIETY – Anagram of “I say of Cabinet”.  Moderate socialists, based on a Roman general Fabius known for delaying tactics. Have not heard much of them in recent years (decades) but I’m sure they’re still around.

19 EDIBLE – Nice here that I thought crown might mean first letter but no it’s cr from credible = plausible.

25 MINSTREL – inst (this month) – another expression you see less now in m  and (B)rel  B = British.


1 PRAISE – Marshal getting uppity is telling us to turn (Marshal Wyatt) Earp  (of Dodge City in the Old West) upside down.   Is stopping means is goes in (in the sense of blocking).

3 BROMELIA – Anag of lime in a orb “climbing”.  Note “climbing” is part of the wordplay,  not definition.   This was the only answer I had not come across before and it is always a pleasure in these circs to work it out from the wordplay which I did.  I verified it after in the Concise OED.

8 NERVOUS SYSTEM – Anagram of “Sentry moves us”.  Had a great laugh at this,  having tried so hard yesterday to solve it as a six letter word.   My sympathies, crossword editor, these things happen to us all.

14 AMELIORATE – OR (soldiers = other ranks) in Amelia + te (note).

16 CRESCENT – Phase of the moon.  Cre(w) + scent.

18 TRIPLE – l = line in tripe (nonsense)  my favourite clue.  Repeated and repeated = three times in all.

20 LINGER – Lingerie less ie (that is).

22 ARMY – (B)army  “losing head”.

7 Responses to “Independent 6267 by Phi – Typical high quality puzzle, average in difficulty”

  1. says:

    Having a day of getting stuck in corners – SW in Times today, NW on this one. Took me 9:10, a fair bit slower than my Phi average – but kicked myself about 10 – DISC/OVER is a very common split. And Earp was a nice change from Ney for ‘marshal’.

  2. says:

    After Eimi was so open yesterday about the cockup with 8 down, it was interesting to read today that “Yesterday’s clue … should have been …” without a word of apology. There must have been thousands of people who wasted hours on this clue and I should have thought a word of apology to them was in order. But perhaps Eimi was overruled by editorial policy.

  3. says:

    I’m happy to see a prompt correction and take the apology as read. Better service thatn you get from some puzzles I can think of.

  4. says:

    Didn’t help that I thought the answer to 17A was Daventry… not knowing the obscure meaning of cove, dave seemed to make more sense… but then it’s not a city, only a town.

    I can’t quite work out the wordplay behind 6D either. certainly = sure? (upset/anag) + ??

  5. says:

    6D: Certainly = YES – reversed to get SEY, going out side CUR,IT

  6. says:

    Yes, that’s exactly it, Peter, as I saw it, didn’t mention it as we can’t comment on all clues. As Daventry is mentioned, I might just comment on the intersecting clue which I did not comment on for similar reasons ie FLOODLIT. Quantity of water = flood Came to land = landed = lit (alighted) Defn = illuminated by electricity. Older readers will remember when this was a new sensation in football grounds in the 1950s.

  7. says:

    Thanks Peter. That makes sense now. ‘cur’ for scoundrel.

    I realised 17A was wrong after thinking…. how about FLASH—, which led me to FLASHFLOOD and then a realisation that the answer probably contained FLOOD… so I went back to the dictionary to look up ‘cove’ – bingo.

    No need to apologise for not covering every clue. I’ll only ask about the ones I don’t understand or comment on the rookie mistakes to help you understand where us sorry lot need guidance. I have plenty of dictionaries and software to aid solving which clear up most issues.

    A big problem for me is the uncommon little words (cur, che etc…) and spotting them. Before this blog started I could look up the answers the following day, but not have a clue why the answer was so. You manage to cover most of my problem clues everyday so you are doing a good job at being selective. I already know loads more than I did a week ago!

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