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Independent Saturday Prize Puzzle 6263 by Nimrod

Posted by tilsit on 17th November 2006


Solving Time:  23 minutes

 An enjoyable Saturday romp from Nimrod with a topical theme given the recently announced departure of Des from Countdown.  If the puzzle had a weakness, it was that Countdown per se wasn’t in the puzzle, we got “Countdowner”. 

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Independent 6268/Nimrod – Frankly, my dear, I stalled on 5 down

Posted by rightback on 17th November 2006


Solving time: 11:05

Not the easiest, but I think I made a bit of a meal of some of this, although there were a few difficult words. Nimrod continues a recent theme of including several crossing long entries, including 5 fairly straightforward anagrams today in answers of 10 letters or more. I normally find Nimrod ‘hard but fair’, though I do have a couple of minor quibbles in this puzzle.

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Guardian 23,926 by Logodaedalus

Posted by michod on 17th November 2006


 Pretty straightforward, took four to five tube stops (10-12 mins).

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Independent on Sunday 874 by Quixote Easy and good

Posted by nmsindy on 17th November 2006


I found this very easy, solved in 13 mins.

Typical Quixote style, light in cultural references, homing in on the everyday experience of the solver.Simple constructions with, I think, just three complete anagrams. As always, a freshness and good surface reading to the clues.

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