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Guardian 23,926 by Logodaedalus

Posted by michod on November 17th, 2006


 Pretty straightforward, took four to five tube stops (10-12 mins).


9  ABODE. AB + ode – has anyone had to use the abbreviation for Able Seaman outside crossword-land? Sailor can also give ‘tar’ or ‘salt’.

10  SCAB. An odd clue – the whole defines a dried blood scab, and the second half (‘I go to work’) gives a partial  definition of a blackleg-type scab.

11 DORCHESTER. anag of ‘chord’ and ‘trees’ – but ‘The lost’ seems redundant to the cryptic reading.

20 WRONG UNS. Snug+now rev around R. The last one to fall into place for me – I saw ‘snug’ going back, but couldn’t see ‘uns’ as a word at first. Nice clue.

24  DOWN. Party is often ‘do’, here followed by the disheartened w(ome)n.


1  FRACTION. Would not be accepted by some editors. The half in half-brother provides the definition, with brother in the religious sense giving fr. The question mark allows ‘half’ to define ‘fraction’, of which it is one example – i.e. a fraction could be a half.

5  CACHEPOT. Anag of ‘cheap’ in ‘cot’. 

6  HORSE LAUGH. Anag of ‘her goulash’. Not an obvious phrase.

16  EAU DE NIL. (B)eau + ‘lined’ reversed – made easier by the reversed letters being given, rather than alluded to.

18  EASTWOOD. Where else could ‘Dirty Harry’ lead? Ea for each, the ‘two’ in ‘sod’, which is a nice way to split the word.

21  REHASH. Anag of ‘has her’, but which is the anagram indicator? Must be cook, with the definition as ‘resurrection pie’.  


5 Responses to “Guardian 23,926 by Logodaedalus”

  1. says:

    I simply don’t see the wordplay for 4D: EGG ROLL. It’s a snack. I see G for “good”, there’s an RO for “or”… but “fellow” — unless it’s ROLL for “has to go”. help?

    I actually think that having two anag indicators for “chord” and “trees” is the Right Thing to do since they are separated by a word not part of the fodder.

  2. says:

    I read the ‘egg roll’ wordplay as ‘fellow, good or bad’ meaning ‘egg’ in old-fashioned parlance – as in ‘he’s a good (or bad) egg’. ‘To go’ meaning roll could be as in ‘Let’s roll’ (?)

  3. says:

    Cook has her resurrection pie = rehash

    is a horrible mess involving a reversal (in a down clue) of her – somewhere! That’s why ‘resurrection’ is in there, as the ‘rev-ind’. If the def is ‘cook’, then pie is the anagind, and vice versa – but the clue fails either way if you ask me.

    My bet? Cook is the anagind, and you have to do an angram, add it to the HER element and reverse the lot. A pie is a rehash… ah, sod it.

  4. says:

    Okay – strike that!

    “What has the English language done to be served up in this dismal mess of rehashed phrases, like resurrection pie?” was one of her milder rebukes; “That is the kind of English that I can only call slop” one of her more forthright ones.

    So, there is this rsurrection pie = rehash thing. Apologies! I suppose I wanted the compiler to do HAS in reversal of HER, but had my hopes dashed, sought revenge etc.

    Bad Miss Pedant.

  5. says:

    I clocked 13:53, most of that on 1, 2, 8 and 10. I particularly disliked the superfluous ‘a’ in the cryptic reading of 8 (from memory, “Shrinking from understanding after a day” = D + READING).

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