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Independent Saturday Prize Puzzle 6263 by Nimrod

Posted by tilsit on November 17th, 2006


Solving Time:  23 minutes

 An enjoyable Saturday romp from Nimrod with a topical theme given the recently announced departure of Des from Countdown.  If the puzzle had a weakness, it was that Countdown per se wasn’t in the puzzle, we got “Countdowner”. 

I like the little gimmick of the clue for 25/8 which meant that there was a countdown hidden in the puzzle. 

29/18  RICHARD WHITELEY  Why Charlie tried – anagram – made a change from seeing “Dirty Wheelchair”, the usual clever anagram of the late presenter.

5/2  DESMOND LYNAM   Another nice anagram 

 25  CAROL –  C + ORAL with vowels swapped!  An unusual device that worked.

 4  SUSIE  (As in Susie Dent)

 15/21 DICTIONARY CORNER where lurks Ms Dent.  Another clever clue with a reference to 1 across and down  forming a Dictionary Corner COLLINS ac & CHAMBERS dn.

16 CUP MARKED – a new phrase on  me (CD holding UP MARK and E)

All in all, a pleasant way to spend a Saturday breakfast.

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