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Guardian 23928/Rufus – good clean fun.

Posted by ilancaron on November 20th, 2006


Solving time: 20’

Some clever puns and by no means a surfeit of clichés. Quite enjoyable with satisfying surfaces.


5 CORPUS – Body of work and physical body.
9 SINECURE – somewhat cryptic def since surface is a bit misleading: I guess you get the cushy job from your boss because she has a soft spot for you.
12 WEDDING FEAST – Another cryptic definition: hard to get tennis out of your mind when you’re “serving for the match”.
15 PUT IT THERE – Another nice misleading clue: almost an &lit since “put it there” is what you say when you offer your hand when making an offer – it’s also an “order” to place something.
17 INC(orporated) – American version of Ltd or PLC.
19 (k)NEE – common cryptic idiom for “born” that doesn’t require French annotation since it’s been adopted in English. Using KNEECAP to indicate K is frowned upon in certain circles (I like it personally).
20 TRIPLICATE – Remember when forms always had to be submitted in triplicate to the Powers That Be. Mostly a thing of the past given digital media.
22 NOUVEAU RICHE – My favourite clue: plays on French “arriviste”, indicating French via “cheri” which is also the anagram fodder.
26 BATMAN – double meaning: “forces” is an adjective, qualifying “servant” rather than a verb.
27 VERA+NDAH – Girl’s name + anag(“hand”).
28 TIDDLY – double meaning: drunk and tiny.
29 PIL(LAG)E – Another nice shift from verb to noun of “convict” and the inverse shift from verb to noun of “store”. Nice clue.


1 CASE – Double meaning: the one problematic clue for me and the last I filled in: case as in legal “action” and “objective” as in grammatical case.
2 RANK – Double meaning: again nice misleading clue with two v. different senses for the parts while the surface is v. coherent.
3 ANCIENTS – Both ancient empires and anag(“instance”). There was something else going on: so much for my “weakish” comment — just goes to show I should take more care in identifying clue type especially with Rufus who is pretty scrupulous. Thanks Neil. [was: Weakish cryptic definition – unless there’s something else going on?]
8 SPECTACLES – Double meaning with a nicely misleading second part: pupils are in the eyes not in the classroom.
13 OPENING BAT – Requisite cricket clue: cryptic definition for the first guy up.
14 AT+TEN+UATED – 10PM + anag(“a duet”).
24 IDEA(l) – Kind of clever: it’s the dreamers who endlessly come up with good (and bad) ideas.

6 Responses to “Guardian 23928/Rufus – good clean fun.”

  1. says:

    3D is an anagram of “instance”, indicated by “different for”.

  2. says:

    yeah thanks! Interesting how you miss stuff like that when the answer’s so obvious… so it’s really quite a nice clue after all!

  3. says:

    At 19 ‘kneecap’ isn’t being used to give K (at least for me.) The clue has ‘kneecap missing’ meaning ‘knee [with its] cap missing’. The lack of a space is equally arguable.


  4. says:

    19: I think we agree — KNEECAP indicates K and “missing” means taking it away.
    I’m wondering what you’d make say of: ” “Ill (sic) kneecap” (4) ?

  5. says:

    At the risk of getting into gainsaying I disagree that we agree. Your suggested clue does indeed use kneecap to clue K. In the original clue to get from ‘kneecap missing’ to ‘nee’ doesn’t require that kneecap begins with a K, though it happens to. If gneecap was a word then the wordplay would be the same with ‘gneecap missing’. Maybe I’m being too pedantic?

    One thought that does spring to mind is whether kneecapped would be acceptable as a wordplay for ‘nee’. It wouldn’t for me but would Araucaria use such a device?

  6. says:

    ok — i agree now that we disagree — and i take it that my artifical clue wouldn’t yield SICK for you then?

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