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Guardian 23934/Rufus – I’m DOWN

Posted by ilancaron on November 27th, 2006


Typical fair Rufus fare. A couple of nice turns of phrase (e.g. 24D), one Shakespearean reference that had me checking Hamlet (22D) and a wordplay whose decoding had me going for a bit (7D). So the downs have it – and I’m a bit surprised that Rufus let DOWN appear twice in the puzzle (18D and 25A).

I’m using our new anagram indicator: fodder* means anag(“fodder”)


9 IN A WAY – nice contrast between IN (home) and AWAY.
11 ARM+AGED+DON – One of the many ways to deconstruct ARMAGEDDON – our fellow is DON and he’s AGED.
14 CLO(THIN)G – Hamper shifts from picnic basket noun to the obstructionist verb CLOG.
15 REP(LET)E – peer* contains LET
20 FELO DE SE – suicide (from the Med. Latin which I didn’t know) so indeed an extreme form of self-effacement. Not sure about the wordplay unless it’s self* + some form of “does”: any offers?
22 BREWED=”brood” – double meaning and homophone.
23 EVAPORATED – nice double meaning and cryptic definition for a kind of milk.
24 DID+O – ref Dido, Queen of Carthage. I didn’t know about the Troy association but I knew that Dido was an ancient Greek type (helped by the fact that my best friend at age 6 was called Dido).
26 LAID DOWN – double meaning: you lay down the law and you lay down your arms. First DOWN.


2 OF+FA – nice wordplay (FA is “Football Association” here) and definition since King Offa built dykes in olden times.
4 GRIM(A+C)E – C for a hundred is a frequent cryptic visitor.
5 DING-DONG – Seems like a double meaning: a “ding-dong” contest goes back and forth and it’s the sound of a bell.
6 HARD CHEESE – Groan… brie is soft.
7 LAG+O+ON – LAGs go slow. And you’ve got nothing (O) ON if you’re not wearing your swimsuit. Took me quite a bit to decode the wordplay.
13 OIL COMPANY – cute cryptic definition
18 STEP DOWN – (Don swept)* — the other DOWN.
19 SE(A)TTLE – Where I live in Washington State.
22 BODKIN – A dagger: ref Hamlet Act III Scene 1 in the To Be or otherwise soliloquy – he considers using one to put an end to it all.
24 DUDS – double meaning: last I filled in and my fav clue. I liked the meaning shift of “assumes” (meaning “to wear”) – I had assumed something else.

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  1. says:

    What a disaster. I didn’t know ‘felo de se’ or ‘bodkin’, wasn’t convinced about ‘laid down’ so didn’t write it in and couldn’t get ‘Seattle’ because I was fooled by the Guardianism ‘payout’ and was convinced that 20ac had to end ‘me in’, ‘me up’ or ‘me it’. I ended up guessing ‘zero me in’, ‘instate’ and ‘took down’ and left 22dn blank, so a whopping 4 mistakes.

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