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Independent 6277/Virgilius – That’s logic

Posted by rightback on 28th November 2006


Solving time: 13:16 (one mistake)

Another excellent puzzle from Virgilius with a theme (7, arguably 10 answers) based on a work by one of my favourite authors. Anyone unfamiliar with the excerpt in question can read it here, while the whole book can be found here and its predecessor here. Unfortunately I made a pig’s ear of this puzzle, starting with a time-costly mistake (see 1dn) and finishing with another (17dn).

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Guardian 23935/Araucaria – no good deed…

Posted by ilancaron on 28th November 2006


No good deed goes unpunished. I volunteered to do Tuesday’s cryptic thinking that I’ll probably get someone tractable like Shed, Quantum, etc. – but no… and we’re left with four wordplays I can’t work out (thanks to Loonapick and michod and Peter Owen below we have all of them resolved now).

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