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Independent 6279/Nestor – what a challenge!

Posted by nmsindy on 30th November 2006


This was hard by Indy daily standards – and there’s one I don’t understand and fear I missed – any guidance welcomed! Solving time (if I’ve got it!) 60 mins (way longer than normal)

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Today’s Independent puzzle by Nestor

Posted by neildubya on 30th November 2006


Apologies for the delay – a review of today’s debut by Nestor will appear shortly.

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Guardian 23937/Pasquale – pretty tough for a weekday puzzle

Posted by linxit on 30th November 2006


Solving time – 45 minutes. I feel sorry for anyone trying to do this on the train – after struggling in vain for 20 minutes to get half of it I resorted to the Internet, and it was still hard going. Probably not so tough for anyone from Oxfordshire, although all the lesser known towns have relatively easy wordplay. I’m fairly sure Pasquale (Don Manley) is from Oxford, so it’s an appropriate theme.

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