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Independent 6275/Monk – Lacking headgear

Posted by neildubya on December 2nd, 2006


This puzzle was deliberately scheduled to appear on the 25th and it became apparent why as the grid was filled in. Unchecked letters at the top and bottom and left and right read out “EYE FOR (I4) SUMMIT, ILKLEY, BAR TAT” a reference to the get-together of crossword setters and solvers that was held on this day. We trust that a splendid time was had by all.

7 FA in INN, T – “pub” is often “inn” or “bar” in a crossword.
10 SPAR,TA – I got JUNTA into my head, despite it being a letter short and it took a while to get past that.
11 ROSE in KEN, E
13 SIX, S, HOOTERS – nice clue. I thought at first that the definition was “a number” but when I couldn’t make SIX-THOUSAND work with clue I had to re-think.
18 (g)LAZIER
20 anag of O,WAS,KEPT – nice smooth surface reading to this clue.
22 shENanIGan MAde – took a while to work out the “braces cut” device, which I’ve never seen used before. Clever though and perfectly fair I thought.
24 YOU, SIGN (rev), H – “you” is us, if you see what I mean, “twins” is a ref to Gemini, a sign of the Zodiac.
25 (s)EXTANT
2 YAK,I,TOR,I – this word appeared in Bunthorne’s last crossword a few weeks ago and I remember remarking that it doesn’t look like an easy word to clue. I think Monk handles it well here. [Edit: it was TERIYAKI that appeared in the Bunthorne crossword. Thanks to Fletch for pointing that out. Make that two difficult words to clue.]
5 anag of CAST ON – a new one on me. It’s apparently a constellation notable for it’s location as the sout celestial pole.
9 RUST,LED – corrosion is “rust” but I don’t get “got to the van” as LED. Anyone?
8 GRAPES OF WRATH – anag of SOFTWARE, GRAPH. If you see the word “novel” in a crossword you’re either looking for the title of an actual novel or it’s an anagram indicator.
15 SET in ROSTI – I’ve had rosti a few times but never really thought of it as a pancake.
16 BAGNIOS – anothew word to me. SIN, GAB around O, all reversed. Nice surface and a well-constructed clue.
19 EG(up)in INN, U – technically the third “pub”in the crossword as an actual pub, “BAR TAT”, also makes an appearance as the venue of the day’s revelries.
21 anag of (d)EAD MAN

3 Responses to “Independent 6275/Monk – Lacking headgear”

  1. says:

    “got to the van” is went into the vanguard, i.e. into the lead (van in and van out used to be britishisms for ad in and ad out in tennis when I was a boy centuries ago).

  2. says:

    Wasn’t it teriyaki in Bunthorne’s, not yakitori?

  3. says:

    Yes, Fletch, you’re quite right. Have edited my post accordingly. Thanks for spotting that.

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