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Independent 6284/Dac

Posted by Colin Blackburn on 6th December 2006

Colin Blackburn.

Solving time : 20 minutes

A good quality puzzle, as usual, from Dac. The puzzle had what felt like a preponderance of proper names in the answers, the wordplay and a few clues: artists, musicians, places… Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 23942/Araucaria – Celery! Apples! Walnuts! Grapes!

Posted by rightback on 6th December 2006


Solving time: 20 mins (1 missing)

I found the bottom left half harder than the top right, but had almost finished after 10 mins. I then spent another 10 trying unsuccessfully to make something of 7dn. This puzzle requires a switch into ‘Guardian mode’, which means expecting spurious link words (e.g. ‘of’ in 13ac and 16ac, ‘put down’ in 21ac), incomplete definitions (e.g. ‘on the Tyne’ for ‘town on the Tyne’ at 1ac, ‘in Italy’ for ‘city in Italy’ at 20ac, ‘on bicycle’ for ‘thing on bicycle’ at 10ac, ‘Chaucer’ for ‘work by Chaucer’ at 7d) and tense anomalies (‘didn’t’ in the clue to 20ac, ‘LIED OWN’ for ‘admit to fiction’ at 23ac), and accepting clues with no plausible surface meaning (e.g. 9/14ac, 16ac, 23ac, 25ac, 5dn, 8dn).

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