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Independent 6284/Dac

Posted by Colin Blackburn on December 6th, 2006

Colin Blackburn.

Solving time : 20 minutes

A good quality puzzle, as usual, from Dac. The puzzle had what felt like a preponderance of proper names in the answers, the wordplay and a few clues: artists, musicians, places…

9 DWELLER — d+Weller — Paul Weller was the singer in The Jam. Dac must be about the same age as me!
10 NASTIER — (retsina)* — If you play Scrabble then retsina is a good rack to aim to have as it anagrams nicely with lots of other letters.
13 OPAQUE — op+a que— I haven’t checked the French here but I assume that’s = a que
18 LEFTIE — l(e+FT)ie — FT is Financial Times, this clue got me for a while as I read socialist (red, Che, etc.) as part of the word play.
23 EXAMINE — Ex(a min(k))e — I have assumed the animal is a mink, I don’t think there are any others.
25 LAKES — (B)lakes — Nice surface using Wordsworth to give the Lakes (the Lake District) and tie with poet.
26 NOTORIOUS — A Hitchcock film. Not a great double definition but then not a great word to have to clue either.
1 BADE — Bade(r) — Douglas Bader.
2 SMETANA — s(met)ana — From The Jam to Smetana, Dac seems very well-listened
3 MULTITUDE OF SINS — A very nice cryptic definition.
4 TARZAN — “tas”+an
5 LANDSEER — English artist specialising in animals, the lions in Trafalgar Square are his.
8 PARIS GREEN — paris(h) green — I’ve not heard of the stuff but the word play is straightforward.
12 MOTHERWELL — A Scottish town and a possible positive answer to a question about one’s mum.
15 FRAULEIN — I thought this the weakest clue of the puzzle, a fairly obvious cryptic definition.
19 TIEPOLO — tie+polo — Another artist.

3 Responses to “Independent 6284/Dac”

  1. says:

    Another good Dac puzzle, reasonably straightforward, solved in 14 mins. I wondered too about (MIN)(?) – thought maybe Mina, but that’s a bird so I think you’re right with Mink. Not much doubt about the answer, though.

    Jonathan Crowther’s recent A-Z book tells us Dac was born in 1948.

    MULTITUDE OF SINS was my favourite. Also liked 6 Ac. FRAULEIN I got straightaway seeing the real meaning before the misdirection intended, I guess, where ‘miss’ wd be a verb.

    TIEPOLO is definitely a crossword artist – friendly letters for the setter in crossing words, I’d say, especially the O at the end and perhaps the other vowels. Some day, I must try to find out something about him…

  2. says:

    Solved in the time it takes for the District Line to get from Ealing Broadway to Earl’s Court (with no delays) – about 22 mins. Tube travel is becoming my standard measurement for crossword solving; trouble is, the quicker I get, the more time I have to spend on less enjoyable tube-related activity, like reading the paper.

  3. says:

    Dac is a few years older than Colin, as Niall has pointed out, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from his puzzles. Coincidentally, he was Monk’s O-level French teacher.

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