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Independent 6285 / Monk What you see might not be what you get!

Posted by tilsit on 7th December 2006


Solving time: 34 minutes

 Life is full of worries and paradoxes.  Mrs Dale (for those of us of an age) always worried about Jim.  Me?  I worry about Simon McStraphanger.  Who he, I hear you ask?  Well, gentle reader, he is the man that crossword editors used to worry about.  He gets on his train at Downminster, and would settle down with his puzzle.  If he completed it as the train chugged into Millbank Central, it was going to be a good day.  Too early and he has much to fret about, unfinished and he has a bad day ahead of him until the journey home again. 

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Guardian 23943/Paul – Duffer

Posted by rightback on 7th December 2006


Solving time: 13:59, with one careless mistake (22dn) plus another I’m not sure of (1d).

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