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Independent on Sunday 877 by Quixote – Some clever misdirection and puns

Posted by nmsindy on December 8th, 2006


Some very clever misdirection and puns in this puzzle.   

Solving time, 23 mins

* = anagram

10 C(h)OPPER    Busy  = slang for policeman
12 f(ACTOR)y    Workplace “not taking sides”
14  PHILATELISTS    late (no longer) + list (tilt) in (ship)*.   One of the good misdirections,  hinges being used by stamp collectors.
21  CON(against) + FORMER (what’s mentioned first)
24  M (male) OTHER (alternative).    Whole clue is definition too i.e. an &lit.    Instinctively I’d have felt it should have been the other way around, but, I’m sure, with Quixote, there’s a good reason B “to” A can be AB
25  PEN (writer) + U + M (male – in second successive clue!) + BRA (female support –
crossword cliche that we find useful to help us along)
27 A(di)FFERENT   Take out Di – good misdirection and surface – new word to me.

3  WATERSHED   Very clever cryptic definition.    Set = TV set.   In the UK, the watershed is the time after which programmes not suitable for children may be shown.   9 PM, I think.
4  ETON WALL GAME   A little surprised that “barrier” seems to be the definition here whereas the answer is the game, rather than the wall.    But my knowledge of the game is limited.
7  A in APPRISE   Two words often confused in real life, but not here, needless to say.
11 DO-IT-YOURSELF  (lousy editor)* + f (following).     This was my favourite clue
with an entirely convincing and flowing surface reading suggesting something completely different.    Definition is “unprofessional activity”
16  SPECIMEN   “Weed” is a verb here!  (Good)
17  GRAN + I + TIC   “Possibly” to allow for the 36-year-old grans, I guess
19  E + BID “taken up” + LE   Definition is “like food”
22  OMEGA  Last letter of the Greek alphabet (also often used figuratively).  Brand of watches.

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