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Independent 6291 / Math – You only solve once …

Posted by petebiddlecombe on December 14th, 2006


… unless you need to write up a blog entry, in which case you can often spot extra points while writing up these notes. it took me quite a while to identify the “one” in these clues – 22D was the penny-dropper, when it became clear that you had to lose the 7 in 007. Another good puzzle from Math, who gave us a chess lesson last time I think.

Solving time 10:35

10 YAOUNDE – (and you)*,E. Was sure of Y???NDE, but waited for 6D to confirm the 3-vowel sequence.
11 D,ITCHED – but I can’t find a dictionary entry to justify D=Don. I hope it’s not meant to indicate “D on” – not very keen on that sort of stuff.
15/25 VODKA MARTINI – (OK in TV drama I)* – I guess you could write a clue using more than one meaning of “shot” for this one.
16 SPECTRE – the organisation headed up by Blofeld with his white cat
28/5 FOR YOUR EYES ONLY – film (and presumably book) title
29 ANTWERP – W=whisky (NATO alphabet) in parent* – sounds like a clue about 11 days before its time.  Same alphabet used in 8D – it’s clearly time to learn the trickier bits of your Alpha Bravo Charlie.
1 BOND – ref. Dr. No – the first film.
3 KITH – from careth = caress = kiss. Ironic on a day when I pondered the closeness of Mass and Math before solving.
4 G(AND)HI – rather a fish out of water here as a non-violent protest man …
6 BOULE(VAR,D)S – “French department” gives you nearly a hundred choices in theory, but like US states, a fairly small group is all you really need. Time to link to the Wikipedia article. But if you can spot the game of boules, the rest should be easy enough.
7 UNSADDLE – buck as in “bucking bronco”
17 ENT((v)IC)ERS
22 OO(7)M.P.(A)H.
27 I-SPY

5 Responses to “Independent 6291 / Math – You only solve once …”

  1. says:

    Peter’s note to 3dn – o ho ho!

  2. says:

    The CD ROM version of Collins (my weapon of choice) gives “Don (a Spanish title)” as the 8th definition of D.

    Interesting that Peter had the same thought that I had about Mass and Math when I was checking the puzzle – that in the language of 3 Down, Math is Mass in disguise. There are many other setters with similar names, not all on the Independent panel: Dac/Doc, Monk/Punk (the latter of whom has promised some more puzzles soon), Scorpion/Scorpio.

    Loosely on the subject of confused setter’s names, I received the following email on Tuesday:

    “I finished Mildred before bedtime, not that difficult in my opinion, although I guess you don’t put in any old letters or colour the empty squares in pink crayon.”

    No, they must be thinking of the Listener crossword.

  3. says:

    Very nice puzzle. Although I think Math missed a trick by not having “shaken” or “stirred” as an anagram indicator.

  4. says:

    I think that in the spirit (no pun intended) of the latest (Casino Royale) the setter would respond as James did when asked if he wanted his drink shaken or stirred, “Do you think I care?”

  5. says:

    I’ll have to admit I did not see the theme until reading this blog. So I now know why I could not understand OOMPAH and SPECTRE and made a mistake in 1 down, settling for ROOD = screening with it being D off (Edwin) Drood who, I thought might be a doctor. Was away from the Internet that day so could not check, but would still not have got it, I’d say.

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