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Independent 6292/ Phi – The Phi’s Have It

Posted by tilsit on December 15th, 2006


Solving time: 24 minutes

If there were to be awards for consistent setting, I am sure Phi would in with a shout of the award.  His puzzles are always entertaining and are just about right for their target audience, be it Listener, Beelzebub or Indy Magazine.

Today’s puzzle is no exception with the right mix of devices to entertain most solvers.

1 PA + TRIO + TIC –  Where would setters be without the involunatary movement!
6 SAMOS – A M in SOS
9 IMPASSE –  I’M PASSÉ – double definition
11 TRAIL  –  TRIAL (A court case) after minor upset (switching of two letters)
13 RICIN – Last year’s Polonium 210.  –   RIC(e)IN  – Nice clue telling you to take the drug  (E) out of the phrase RICE IN.
14 YESTERDAY  –  I have revised my parsing of this one.  I originally thought it was YES + a homophone of TODAY.  However it is YES (certainly) + T (time) + ERDAY =  ready for broadcast (AI)!   A lovely clue.
17 PORCELAIN  _  ang of ALICE in PORN
18 CASTE – Group of people =  def Theatricals =  CAST with E (or energy) attached.
19 TUNESMITH –  A good “&lit” clue – COMPOSED does double duty as AI and a part of the whole clue which is the definition.  An anag of  THIS MINUET less I (I ignored)
22 ATRIA  –  one of two tiny grumbles with the puzzle –  using TRIAL again, although a different definition  from 11 ac.  A TRIAL minus L  (failed by new driver)
26 ELEGY –  My other tiny “grumble” A fine working-  EG (say) in ELY (a cathedral) – perhaps one of the esteemed minds would say whether in this case cathedral should have a capital letter because Ely is a place rather than a descriptive word. 

2 TAP DANCER – a clever working –  nice definition “one performs best on lino” –   It works as a anagram of AND (stumbles- AI) inside of an anagram of CARPET (SHAGGY – AI).  Although I worked it out quickly – this threw me as I was thinking a TAPCER must be a type of shaggy carpet and thinking about checking in Chambers!  D’oh!
4 THE LADY VANISHES –  Nice laugh-out-loud cryptic definition –  Hmmm.. where I have I seen that phrase before?
5 CASTLES IN THE AIR –  Another nice witty cryptic definition. If you don’t get it – think chess!
6 SINEW –  Clever!  Bridge pairs  are South and North, East and West with I within.
8 SPARE TYRE –  This was one of the last I finished (along with 18)  From the letters there I kept seeing SNAKE EYES as a possible fit and this derailed me looking for the right thing.  However it dawned on me and away I went –  a double def. clue
15 EUCHARIST –  EU – Union with  IS inside CHART (plan)
16 DISARMING – Nice double def.
20 NURSE –  R (right) in   N USE  (New employment)
21 SAUCY –  SAY about UC (Heads of University College)

All in all – a nice way to end the week, and gird the loins for the weekend onslaught and knowing what’s coming, loins will need to be girded!
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  1. says:

    A good puzzle from Phi, as always – a little harder than usual I found. Solved in 32 mins. Liked DISARMING where I was looking for some way to put UN in.

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