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Azed 1,802 – Vocabulary 7 down.

Posted by michod on December 17th, 2006


I did most of this on the tube, without Chambers, which is an interesting exercise – you have to make quite a few educated guesses and then corroborate them via the dictionary later (I came unstuck doing this in the competition puzzle a few weeks ago when I forgot to check one guess, which was in fact a word of my own invention!) Fifteen words that were new to me – more across than down – which is why doing Azed’s so good for your vocabulary. His clueing is beautifully concise, and a lot of the wordplay’s actually very straightforward once you work out how to split the clue.


1. PLASTRON. LAST in PRON(e). Never worn one myself – apparently it’s a shirt front.

8. SAM. Surface-to-air missile/ Spenserian word for together.

11. YAUTIA. Compound anagram of ‘Paraguayan tuber I” without “a burger pan”. This is  my least favourite type of Azed clue – often you eliminate all the other letters to be left with an obvious anagram, though not in this case (except for Paraguayan greengrocers perhaps).

12. BIOTA. B=breadth, + iota.

13. ANTABUSE. TABU in ANS + (sentenc)E. Isn’t antabuse when you pull their legs off?

14. PARTICIPATES. SEAT* after ARTIC in PIP. As in give someone the pip, old-fashioned slang for offence. Nice to get ‘artic’ in there.

17. TORANA. To + RANA.

18. PIOTED. IT + DOPE*. Means piebald, as does pinto.

19. EPICAL. PICA in (b)EL(t).

20. OUTRAN. OU (Oxford Univ, dark blues in boat race) + TRA(i)N – dropping fourth letter.

23. ISCHIA. Ref. island in the Bay of Naples – literally isolated.

25. TRIOSE. IE SORT anag. You can get away with short, obvious anagrams when the word is likely to be unfamiliar.

27. LEVOROTATORY. LOT OVER* + A TORY. Great word, deceptively simple clue – to the left of just refers to position within the word.

28. SCARIOUS. S(quad) + CARIOUS.

30. SITED. I in STED. “I’ll be” is used so that I can be the personal pronoun or just the letter – “I am fixed in place” would not be allowed by Azed.

31. CROUTE. C + ROUTE. Very straightforward wordplay.

32. SAE. Stamped addressed envelope/ Scots for ‘so’. 

33. INTENDED. TEN in IDDEN*. I’m not keen on ‘veiled’ as an anagram indicator. In the sense of ‘disguised, obscured, but it doesn’t suggest mixing the letters to me.


1. PYA. PYA*. Simple anag, obscure unit of currency.

2. LANAI. Hidden < in “HawaiIAN ALteration”. This word popped up in another puzzole recently, so came quite easily.


4. TIBIAE. I BIT < + A(varic)E. I put ETAIAE before thinking better of it.

5. RAUCID. CU < in RAID. Another good word. “(At dawn?)” seems unnecessary.



8. SOUTACHE. S (‘is’ shortened) + OUT + ACHE. Barred setters will also use s for is without indicating shortening.

9. ATHENA. A THEN A. Very nice clue.


15. SPOTLESS. PLOT* in SESS. Sess is an obsolete word for a local tax – obsolence is sometimes indicated by ‘old’ etc, but not consistently.


21. UREDIA. RED I in (q)UA(t). Quat being a dialect word for pimple – but since a pustule is a pimple too, how do you get one on the other?

22. NEOCON. ONCE* + ON. The one that’s not in Chambers, but familiar enough.

23. INTACT. IN T(he) ACT. Nice treatment, but doesn’t ‘wherein’ demand the reply ‘the act’  rather than ‘in the act’ – I’d have thought ‘where’ would work better.

24. SPARRE. (bee)R in SPARE.


29. SED. (o)DES <. Milton this time.

6 Responses to “Azed 1,802 – Vocabulary 7 down.”

  1. says:

    Rats! That’s twice in recent weeks I’ve been stumped by one clue in Azed (the other one was FLOC in 1799). In this case it was 18ac – I guessed POOTED. Don’t know why, it didn’t make sense. Looking again now I see that pinto and pioted are on the same page in Chambers (although you get redirected to ‘pyot’). D’oh!

  2. says:

    without saying what it is, do you agree that there may be a spelling mistake in the latest puzzle? or am i missing something?

  3. says:

    Agreed – it’s possible to put in the correct spelling but not to construct it from the clue. As it happens, this word falls within my wife’s area of expertise!

  4. says:

    thank you for this, I have been tearing my hair out over it. Sorry to those who run this excellent page for being sneaky!

  5. says:

    slightly off-topic: amusingly if you click on the link for the PDF version of the latest online Azed (1804): namely,

    you’ll note the following:

    AZED No. 1,801 Prizewinners
    1 Namey Namey, Address Address
    2 Namey Namey, Address Address
    3 Namey Namey, Address Address

  6. says:

    a distinguished family, the Nameys- three generations of clue-setters, by the look of it.

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