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Everyman 3141 – quoit easy

Posted by ilancaron on December 17th, 2006


One of these days I’m going to miss a theme in an Everyman. I’ve stared at this one but no joy. Though I always enjoy solving Everyman – which typically takes about 1/2h to 45’ for me.

3 WORDS+WORTH – having WORDS is a way to argue.
10 LA(N)TER+N – Not a bad clue: the juxtaposition of “light” and “northern Norway” had me thinking about the Aurora Borealis which slowed me down. N is abbrev once for “Norway” and once for “northern”.
11 OMNIBUS – double meaning: tough clue for me because PSV is a well-known Dutch soccer team (albeit with an unsavoury fan base) – in this case though it’s Public Service Vehicle!
12 S+HOCK – Last clue to solve: in my view quite nicely constructed and misleading: SHOCK is the verb to “jar” and HOCK is a kind of white wine, and “drop of sweet” gives us the S.
13 PE(S)T+O – Instead of a “drop of sweet” we have a “piece of savoury” for the S. Remember that duck means to score nothing in cricket.
16 DEMOLITION DERBY – what passes for entertainment in highly sophisticated western societies.
18 WISH YOU WERE HER+E – (why rewire house)*+E. The clue is clearly an anagram given the incongruous fodder. “Dilapidated” a perfectly good anagrind. I liked the “message on a pc” because of echoes of Sting’s message in a bottle and because pc had me thinking of the thing I’m writing this on and not a postcard.
19 QU(O)IT – Actually not really containment but take the O (“round”) from Quito (Ecuador’s capital – not E in this case!) and move it to the middle and end up with a word meaning ring: QUOIT.
24 A+VOCA(l)+DO – I wonder if people still get invited to DOs – I only ever get invited to parties. And even that’s rare.
26 SCAREDY-CAT – (cry as cadet)* — not sure about “condemned” as an anagrind: perhaps hinting at a building that is condemned to be demolished?
27 STIR – double meaning: I suppose the people who go to dos and make too much of a stir might end up in the stir.


1 SPLASHDOWN – not a bad cryptic definition: though once I had the leading S, I kept looking for sea???????.
2 CONFORMIST – (scorn motif)* — good clue with great surface, fodder and anagrind.
4 O(W)N UP – So I’m going to make a giant leap and say, without checking, that in cricket (like soccer) there are two sides ON and off.
5 DROP S+C+ONE – British pancake. Had to look this up.
6 WINDOW DRESSING – One nounal meaning of “light” is WINDOW.
7 ROBE – Hidden in “CaiRO BEautician’s”. The possessive apostrophe is supposed to indicate this: I wonder if this isn’t just a little too pithy.
8 HASH – double meaning: if this was a 3-letter light, the same clue could also produce pot.
9 BERKELEY SQUARE – Busby BERKELEY was the canonic Hollywood musical choreographer. And someone “following tradition” is a SQUARE. At least was when I was boy.
14 GREEN BER(E)T – BERT’s our boy this time, short for Albert: interestingly if we parsed this as B(E)RET we’d end up with Bret as our boy but it’s not a diminutive so I vote for BERT. And GREEN BERETs are American “commandos” so “English” serves to mislead which is nice.
15 TYP(EWRI)TER – (pretty)* contains (wire)*. Nice choice of topical anagrinds: “faulty” and “loose” in the context of “wire”.
22 B(AS)S– Outskirts of BownesS contains AS (when).

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