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Independent 6296/Dac

Posted by neildubya on December 20th, 2006


More quality cluemanship from Dac.

6 hidden in “riCE REAlly”.
10 O,I,GIRL<
11 YO,SEMITE – I guess this is a reference to George Bush’s infamous “Yo Blair!” comment.
13 MEDICK – “medic”. I’d never heard of this plant but with M?D?C? I had a guess.
15 HEN in ACE
23 A in ACHE,N or ACHE in A,N – not sure which. Does “visit” indicate going in something or around something? Answers on a postcard please?
24 SERGEANT – (GETS NEAR)*. A reference to the character in the Hardy novel, “Far from the Madding Crowd”. I’ve read this, but ages ago now so I couldn’t have told you which novel it was from but I had a vague recollection of a Sergeant Troy from somewhere or other.
2 T(wit),OFFISH – nice clue with a good surface reading.
5 DIP, “tick”
7 HE in RUM
16 LAUD in CIA – CIA is an abbreviation worth remembering as it often proves very useful to setters.
17 CREDITS – double definition.

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  1. says:

    Yes, this was another good one from Dac. Solved in 21 mins. Have to confess that I first pencilled in TAILGATE for 19 across “Closely follow event in channel” before finding the right answer TAILRACE. Re AACHEN had not thought beyond visit (ACHE) being in a n (a new) but agree visit could indicate a charade also i.e. side by side. Not much doubt about the answer, though. I also took Yo as the Bush greeting to Blair in Russia broadcast to the world. An ephemeral reference though (fine for the present but would not expect to see it in, say, two years from now).

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