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Independent 6298/Nimrod

Posted by neildubya on December 22nd, 2006


Another one of “those” grids from Nimrod, with only 9 (count ’em) across clues and 5 of those have 15 letters. It’s been said before, here and elsewhere, that the problem with this is that if you can’t get the long ones, the rest of the grid is hard to crack and when you do, everything else falls in to place very quickly. That said, I don’t think this was as tough as a typical Nimrod; either that or I was on fire this morning as I did this in the time it takes a Central line train to go from Ealing Broadway to St Paul’s (about 30 mins), which is roughly half the time a Nimrod usually takes me.

9 LAND in ROO – not sure if there was a particularly famous Rolando that this is referring to.
11 EXERCISE B,I,CYCLE – cleverly done. “PT” and “Barnum” next to each other is bound to mislead.
12 (FALTERED WHEN TOP)* – the piece of music by Prokofiev.
17 FALLON,HARD TIMES – a reference to Kieran Fallon and the Dickens novel. Perfect surface reading.
21 MAN in A,LAC – I’d never seen LAC (Leading Aircraftman) before but with “yearbook” as the definition I was confident that this was right.
22 I,V in TRIAL – I assume that “playing” is “v(ersus)” here. It’s often seen as “against”.
2 B in ALERT
3 AC in (AROUND)* – UNA CORDA, this last one to go in and a guess. With ?N?C?R?A filled in and U,A,O and D remaining UNO CARDA was the other possibility but that didn’t sound as good as the answer. It indicates using the soft pedal on a piano.
6 hidden in tiPSY CHEers! – if I’m being picky, “makes one” in the clue seems to be there just to make it read well. Also, not sure about having a “-” in the middle of your hidden word. What do others think about that?
16 NO,STRI(ng)(L)S – the surface reading is not completely convincing and I’m not sure about “openings” as a definition.
17 FRIDAY – I’ll have to open this one up to the floor as I don’t understand it. I get “now” (ie. today) as the definition but the rest is a mystery.
18 O,NEON on E

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  1. says:

    Friday refers to Man Friday (Robinson Crusoe) I think. Hard, 39 minutes – YOU BET YOUR BOOTS was new to me as was UNA CORDA. Re the hidden clue – I think there’s no problem with punctuation in the gap. All very Nimrod – to use Eimi’s phrase once.

  2. says:

    Of the fifteens, I only got IN THE ALTOGETHER on first look, so this was a struggle at first, though it sped up later and ended up as roughly “Nimrod par”.

    FRIDAY: “Now the menu has fish” is the definition – ref. the Catholic / “high church” culinary tradition which lives on in some schoool and canteen menus. Friday is “Man of Isle” if you remember Robinson Crusoe.

  3. says:

    Re 8 Down “Concerned with this” is definition of HEREOF but I don’t get the wordplay “audience’s stand” – a homophone perhaps.

  4. says:

    Hereof is indeed a homonym, indicated by “audience’s” for hear of in the sense “I wouldn’t hear of it” – an admittedly rather loose definition of stand.

  5. says:

    Thanks for that. That’s fair enough – “hear of” = tolerate say the dicts. I’d thought only in the sense of “hear of” = “hear about” when looking at the crossword.

  6. says:

    A brilliant puzzle I thought.
    The clues to “exercise bike” and “fall on hard times” in particular.
    Thanks Nimrod!

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