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Guardian 23959/Gordius – drunk and disorderly?

Posted by linxit on 28th December 2006


Solving time – about 30 mins

Very apposite theme with New Year’s Eve fast approaching…I was held up for a long time because I foolishly put in EPSILON for 4dn, without reading the wordplay properly. This prevented me from getting 11 and 13ac for a long time, until I finally got the anagram in 7dn and everything fell into place. Quite a few unusual words today too, but only 5dn and 17dn were unknown to me.

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Independent 6302 by Merlin – Office etiquette and much more wizardry

Posted by nmsindy on 28th December 2006


Another excellent puzzle by Merlin , which I mostly solved quickly but was slow to finish.

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Independent 6293 / Nestor – late but great

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 28th December 2006


Solving time 14:30

This one slipped my mind in the run-up to Christmas so here it is about 5 days late. Lots more high-quality clue-writing from Nestor here. If you think I’m exaggerating, sit down with some squared paper, make yourself a grid and set of answers, and then try to write some clues that read as well as this. Lots of novel devices used, so a fairly tough puzzle, but I was never really badly stuck. I don’t think there are any hidden messages in the grid but I wouldn’t be very surprised to be corrected. Read the rest of this entry »

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