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Independent 6293 / Nestor – late but great

Posted by petebiddlecombe on December 28th, 2006


Solving time 14:30

This one slipped my mind in the run-up to Christmas so here it is about 5 days late. Lots more high-quality clue-writing from Nestor here. If you think I’m exaggerating, sit down with some squared paper, make yourself a grid and set of answers, and then try to write some clues that read as well as this. Lots of novel devices used, so a fairly tough puzzle, but I was never really badly stuck. I don’t think there are any hidden messages in the grid but I wouldn’t be very surprised to be corrected.

8 AITCHBONE – I in (the bacon)*
9 A(L)LOF(t)
12 METALLICA – a heavy metal band – ((v)ACILLATE,M)
15 BYE – a simple example of great clue writing – somewhere in the list of synonyms a really good pair was identified
16 DESIGNER STUBBLE – (be(a)rd being (c)ut less)* – close to that old Azed comp favourite, the compound anag &lit
19 OW,L – L=learner driver is nice and easy, possibly deliberately, but also fits the surface.
20 CLOSET DRAMA – “a play for reading rather than acting”. “Types of queen” is a gem, especially when the fairly obvious “drag” is not one of the types.
27 S(IGN)ALMAN – finding big words like “Salman” for use in “construction kits” is a sign of a good setter at work. (“Construction kit” is my mental category for charades, containers, subtractions, and letter moves/replacements.)
1 FAIRY GODMOTHER – (modify rag)*,OTHER
2 S(T)IGMA – Sigma being the Gk. S at the end of Naxos
3 WHITE MAGIC – ((game = part of set)
4 BO((N)apoleonis(M))OT
5 VERTICES – I in (Rev.,SECT)
7 PLA(I)N B,O.B.
17 SYLLABUS = (sub ally’s)
21 ENERGY = (green,y)*
22 A P(LOM)B

3 Responses to “Independent 6293 / Nestor – late but great”

  1. says:

    No, there’s no Nina in this one, as far as I know.

  2. says:

    I’m pleased to see that Peter’s headline is not an excuse to reenact the Dead Parrot sketch. I thought this crossword was brilliant.

  3. says:

    Strange coincidence. As we’re at long last the owners of a DVD player, I bought some old favourites on a trip into London after writing this one. One was a set of the Secret Policeman’s Ball and other Amnesty International revues of the late 70s. No prizes for guessing the first sketch on Disc 1.

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