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Guardian 23965/ Paul L’Enfant Terrible

Posted by tilsit on January 5th, 2007


Posted as the scheduled blog did not appear!

30 minutes (with one error!)

From Paul’s very first appearance, it became clear that he possessed an amazing talent to provide the most wonderful puzzles that make you smile as you solve.

Today’s puzzle was no exception with some laugh out loud solutions to some scintillating clues.

Star was 10,28 which still has me chuckling as I type this. 9 across was another amusing one, though I can imagine some abroad having trouble with that.  16 was another lovely &Lit clue and 21 was from the Nudge Nudge dept, which is a forté of Paul!

My error came with 11, and was oBvious, but I couldn’t see the definition and wriote in Wheel House, which took me a deep thought or two to recognise it.


8  MAGAZINE –  Double def – weapon store and OK is a gossipy magazine.

9 ORPHAN  Homophone of often.    Sean Connery made an appearance a few weeks back in a puzzle as a homophone indicator and it’s HRH’s turn today.

10,26  WIFE SWAPPING    Anag of WISE & F (centre of maniFesto) inside WAPPING (the new Fleet Street).  Lovely definition –  found on the agenda of a liberal party!

11   WHEEL HORSE    –  HEEL & H (beginning to horrify)  in WORSE

12, 14  TOILET TRAINING  Cryptic definition (I think!)

15  DEICIDE  – one of those words encountered in pub quizzes.  Think the defintion is a bit weak here.

20  THANK    YOU   –  Hanky (nice def!) in anag of OUT

23,24    HOLIER THAN THOU – Nice cryptic def


1  CAMISOLE      – I fish (I SOLE) under river   (CAM)

3  DIMWIT    –  Hidden

4 SEVENTY  –  Napoleon here?  Check Animal Farm  QUIT = EVEN as in Get Even With

5  KOHLRABI  – Helmut KOHL – with I BAR rev –  Is definition for KOHL OK, now Mrs Merkel is there?  I did wonder if this was perhaps a puzzle that had been in the Guardian Ed’s cupboard fora while!

16 LICENTIOUS  –  LICE (Insects) – move = anag of INTO –  Many States = U.S.

19 DUCHESS  –  Does DU =  “From” French or “From the” in French? Probably one of those things dailies can get away with, but a more strict puzzle wouldn’t be allowed.

21  HOOKER –  Double def!  Need I explain??!!

22  SUNDAE  Straight homophone

24,2  TYPEFACE Sort = TYPE and Features =  FACE

Splendid fare!

4 Responses to “Guardian 23965/ Paul L’Enfant Terrible”

  1. says:

    given the Liberal Party agenda, someone needs to step up and tell us what’s on the agenda at a Labour Party and for the that matter a Conservative party (not much presumably).

  2. says:

    Excellent puzzle, I agree. There was a wordplay element to Toilet training. I don’t have the paper in front of me so don’t have the clue to hand, but it was something along the lines of I LET (one obstacle) in TOT RAINING (child pouring with water or something). So it was actually a semi +lit, with some reference as to how to prevent said accident at the front.

  3. says:

    This practice, one obstacle to stop baby wetting things! (6, 8) I presume ‘stop’ can mean “put ‘itot’ in ‘totraining'” but I can’t see why at the minute. Excellent puzzle as usual.

  4. says:

    It’s stop as in a stopgap, to plug a hole. Of coursem you could argue that plugging the gap in ‘TOT RAINING’ with ‘I LET’ would give TOTI LETRAINING!

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