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Guardian 23,965/Paul – I’ve started so I’ll finish…

Posted by rightback on January 5th, 2007


It’s 4am and yesterday’s Guardian hasn’t been blogged yet, so as I have ‘flu and can’t sleep I thought I’d fill the breach. Please excuse any mistakes.

Easier than usual for Paul, I think – I had most of this done in about 8 mins, then slowed down on 10/26ac, 1dn and 8ac. Gave up after 15 mins or so with 8ac blank. Or maybe it wasn’t easier, and I was just cavalier – looking through the clues I realise that there were loads that I wrote in without understanding fully, or even mostly.

* = anagram.

8 MAGAZINE – double definition. I don’t know why I couldn’t get this. That said, while I might begrudgingly accept that you ‘store’ ammunition in magazines, the title of the magazine is not OK but OK! so I claim a foul on this clue.
9 ORPHAN; “OFTEN” as the Queen might pronounce it. See here for a more detailed analysis.
10/26 WIFE SWAPPING; F in (WISE)* + WAPPING – a clever definition (“Liberal Party agenda?”). Rupert Murdoch’s News International is based at Wapping in London; the move from Fleet Street led to the Wapping dispute.
12/14 TOILET TRAINING; (I LET (= obstacle)) inside TOT (= baby) + RAINING (= wetting things) – this &lit doesn’t work for me as toilet training isn’t an obstacle to stopping a baby wetting things.
17/7 NIGELLA LAWSON; (rev. of IN) + GEL (= set) + LA LAW‘S + ON ( = showing)
20 THANK YOU; HANKY inside (OUT)*
23/24 HOLIER-THAN-THOU – a definition (‘Sanctimonious’) and half a cryptic definition (a pun on ‘holier’). I don’t understand the bit about ‘claim of crusader'; maybe the first definition is meant to be read as ‘Sanctimonious claim of crusader’?
1 CAM + I + SOLE – for some reason I had a blank on three-letter rivers and couldn’t remember the word, though I knew it when ‘CAM’ occurred to me.
3 hidden in ‘masterminD I’M WIThdrawing’ – Mastermind is a classic British TV show.
4 S(EVEN)TY – ‘quits’ = EVEN came quickly so I wrote this in straight away. Napoleon was one of the pigs in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.
5 (Helmut) KOHL + rev. of BAR + I – I didn’t know the vegetable kohlrabi so this was an unconfident guess, but BAR was the best I could think of for ‘stick’ = ?A?.
6 A + P + PO + IN (= current) + TEES
16 DAYBREAK; (BY A DARK [tim]E)*
24/2 TYPE + FACE (= features)

2 Responses to “Guardian 23,965/Paul – I’ve started so I’ll finish…”

  1. says:

    I see what you mean about toilet training — though as a young parent it certainly felt like hard work (the training part I mean).

    In 5A: pedantically speaking shouldn’t it have been former or ex-Chancellor or are German Chancellors like American Persident: referred to as Mr. President until the grave?

  2. says:

    Thanks for stepping into the breach – I intended to do the write-up after my lunchbreak, but it kind of didn’t finish till 2am…

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