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Independent on Sunday 881 by Quixote – some novelties

Posted by nmsindy on January 5th, 2007


Another good puzzle from Quixote including some treatments that were novelties for me. A little harder than his average.

Solving time: 28 mins

* = anagram


1 S (second) + KATE in (CRIES)* i.e. ICE-SKATERS Excellent surface. Definition followed by ? as that’s just one possible set of ice-skaters.

7 FI(S)T

10 RE(LIE)F Ref = Whistle-blower is good. Was at first looking for an adjective meaning “with ease”, but “with” is, I think, a link. I think there has been some discussion on whether it’s OK as a link and opinions may vary.

12 B(ASS)ET playing with different meanings of lay i.e. laying a bet and past tense of lie.

19 SLOVEN This was new to me and really good S + O (LOVE) + N “Son cryptically interpreted”.

24 GANDHI Something similar here that I liked also. G and H,I (the two characters that follow G in the alphabet!). Historical figure from India’s move to independence, portrayed in an eponymous film in more recent times.

25 V (very little) + IN (at home) + DAL (pulse) + OO (eggs)

26 I learnt from doing this crossword that a FAUN in Roman mythology is “a lustful rural god represented as a man with goat’s horns, ears, legs, and tail”. Maybe that’s why I was not told about it when young. “Fawn” (cower).     Hope I’ve got this right.  “Old deity to make one cower, we hear”

27 Clever misdirection with “not moving around” which could be an anagram.    It’s PEC (muscle) in RESTING i.e. RESPECTING.


4 A (DRAW)(rev) – playing with different meanings of both tie and present.

5 ELEMENT “of TV” is TELE- and it goes to Sky (i.e. upwards) bringing in MEN (blokes)

7 FELL (died) IN I (Italy) (Country symbols mainly from International Vehicle Registration). Only very well-known ones would appear in the daily cryptics, but advanced crossword solvers meet them from the world over.

15 GREENHORN Guessed this straightaway but did not see why till the very end. RN – mower broken ultimately i.e. last letters replacing USE in GREENHOUSE. (“no use in garden building”). Building misdirected too as a possible anagram indicator.

17 ALADDIN Good this, an & lit A LAD and I (one) in confines of DEN i.e. its outer letters. “Aladdin’s cave”


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