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Guardian 23961/Enigmatist – quite h-h-hard.

Posted by neildubya on January 6th, 2007


I managed to finish this but there are a number of answers that I still don’t fully understand. We usually only see this type of grid/theme combo from Brendan so it’s good to see someone else giving it a go. I don’t think we see Enigmatist often enough in the Guardian.

1 HOMBRE – don’t know why though, apart from the definition.
5 DOG,WATCH – which is either from 4-6pm or 6-8pm.
9 EWE,G(g) in HERO – a “gee-gee” is a horse.
10 PARES<,H – the angel associated with light and purity.
13 IF in HI – the poem is, of course, by Kipling. HI or (H1) is a reference to a chessboard I think, although I couldn’t help noticing that the 1 across square in the grid also contains an “h”.
14 YET,OO in (THE)* – “canine” is deceiving here.
17 N in H,IBERIA – I liked this one. Took a while to twig that “Spain, Portugal” was IBERIA.
18 DOT,H(it) – another good one, with a well disguised definition (“does old”) and a smooth reading.
24 ICC in (t)HOUGH(t)
25 HE’S,PERUS(e) – aka, Venus.
26 ENMESH – is this just a cryptic def or is there more going on?
4 EVELYN – another one I can’t work out, apart from the fact that Evelyn is both a man and woman’s name.
5 DROP ONE’S AITCHES – those four H’s in the grid just leap out at you after solving this one. Dithered a while over the ONE’S/YOUR dilemma but should have remembered that it’s almost always “ONE’S”.
7 A,GREE(k) – I liked “donating” to indicate the removal of the “k”.
15 ORDER FOR M – I spent a while trying to think of a phrase with “Bond” in it.
16 ANTEATER – is this right? I assumed it was something to do with soldier ants.
19 CRECHE – another one where the wordplay is lost on me.
22 hidden in “wAGE Slave”.

8 Responses to “Guardian 23961/Enigmatist – quite h-h-hard.”

  1. says:

    1ac BR=bedroom HOME=in; 26ac just cryptic def; 5dn what about the other 16?!; 4dn ref EVENLY; 19 drunk pron of cress.

    Hope that helps!

  2. says:

    The other 16 (in left and right grid-cols) helped me with my last couple of across clues. Just to clarify: “pron” = pronunciation

  3. says:

    10 How did you get Paresh? Wouldn’t that have messed up your 6 and 8 down?

  4. says:

    Oh you mean Seraph, scrub that!

  5. says:

    A nice puzzle. I struggled with 2d (OGEE) which I had not heard of and 6d (GOSSAMER) and I still do not understand the cryptic part of it – any explanation?

  6. says:

    GOSS+AMER[ican] where GOSS turns out to be “white china vessels and trinkets…” named after WH Goss [ref. Chambers]. No, didn’t know this — but the other cryptic part and the def were pretty clear so… used The Big Red Book.

  7. says:

    A lot of ‘is this right?’ going on here!

    I think solvers ought to be able to have confidence in their answers once they’ve solved a clue.

  8. says:

    It’s not so much a question of confidence as of understanding the cryptic part. You can often be confident that a clue’s solution is correct from just the definition part and checking letters but still not understand the cryptic bit. That’s the whole point of this blog – to explain clues where they may be obscure!

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