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Independent 6315 / Phi A Pleasant Stroll

Posted by tilsit on 12th January 2007


Solving Time: 19 minutes

When you are under the weather, the last thing you need is a nasty ferocious puzzle to make you feel worse.  Phi’s puzzle breezed in and contained lots of nice make-you-smile clues, which left me relaxed in my sickbed.  When I first saw the grid, I hoped to find a nice messsage round the perimeter, but sadly this was not to be.  However this has left me feeling comfortable and relaxed for the weekend, until I find out what the Listener looks like later, and a relapse will set in.

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Guardian 23,972, Gordius. + KNOT LIT.

Posted by michod on 12th January 2007


An appropriately knotty puzzle that left me defeated by two clues, offers welcome. A good range of treatments, with several homophonic puns, a nice spoonerism and a punctutation mark as well as the normal anagrams, container and contents etc.Two clues, 8 down and 23 across, both confront subsidiary indications that contradict ther definition.

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Independent on Sunday 882 by Quixote – long phrase held me up

Posted by nmsindy on 12th January 2007


Top half much harder than bottom half for me, especially because the long phrase in 11 across was new to me. 

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Inquisitor #1 – Message from Loda

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 12th January 2007


Just as we start a new year and begin to write about this puzzle every week, the Indie Weekend mag puzzle changes its name! It turns out that this is the second name change. Back in about 1989, we started off with the Independent Magazine Crossword – or at least, that’s what my old paperback collection calls it. Then, after 349 puzzles, the title changed to Weekend Crossword, restarting at puzzle number 1. So as those who completed Weekend Crossword #600 will already know, it was really number 949. The new name is a link to the Torquemada / Ximenes / Azed pseudonym tradition, with a nice echo of “Independent”. Apart from the change of name and losing the “always pink” grid shading, the series continues in the same fahion as before.

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