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Independent 6315 / Phi A Pleasant Stroll

Posted by tilsit on January 12th, 2007


Solving Time: 19 minutes

When you are under the weather, the last thing you need is a nasty ferocious puzzle to make you feel worse.  Phi’s puzzle breezed in and contained lots of nice make-you-smile clues, which left me relaxed in my sickbed.  When I first saw the grid, I hoped to find a nice messsage round the perimeter, but sadly this was not to be.  However this has left me feeling comfortable and relaxed for the weekend, until I find out what the Listener looks like later, and a relapse will set in.

5   OVAL  –  Nothing – O Against – V (versus), A large  – AL

6  HEATHROW  –  Argument (ROW) linked to open country (HEATH)

8  SEARCHER  –  Hunter = definition.  In position = SE(T) – cut down.  Bowman =  ARCHER

10  INGEST  –  TINGES with the first letter shifted  “front to back”

11 SCANDAL SHEET  –  an image to make you smile from the clue –  Anag of DEAN & THE CLASS.

15   AGENCY –   AC –  Account with GEN – information inside  and followed by and unknown – Y from your maths days at school.

16  BROADCASTING –  General – BROAD  Provision  of acting work =  CASTING

21  ARSONIST –  Lad  is – SON IS  inside  ART – skill.  My only tiny grumble with the puzzle  is the definition “one’s fired” OK for ARSONIST?

22  PLAYROOM – Double defintion, though one is probably more likely to be in the Uxbridge English Dictionary, hence the question-mark!

23  FUSS  –  Joins without hint of extravagant –  FUSES minus E


1  MATRON  – I liked this a lot too!  Married a lot  M A TON with seventh of partners =  R inside.

2  DES RES  –  DESIRES minus I  =  One

3  STAINED GLASS  –  Nice anagram

7 WISH  –  NOWISH  minus  NO

9  HEART TO HEART   –  The suit ref is of course –  HEARTS

12  HYPNOSIS  –  Anag of phony  +  SIS =  gir l.  Hmmm. 

14  TABLE MAT –  The last one I solved  –  ABLE + M inside TAT

17  DEACON   –  another nice clue     CO  inside DEAN

18  TONGUE   –  Say = EG  plus NOT  all reversed with U inside.

19    WHIP  –   W –  Women  +  HIP = trendy.

 Thank you Phi!

4 Responses to “Independent 6315 / Phi A Pleasant Stroll”

  1. says:

    Nice crossword but what a strange grid – only 24 clues. Surely this isn’t enough, although I can’t recall ever being told what is enough.

  2. says:

    I think it’s the really black edge that’s odd rather than the clue count in particular. Still half-expecting to hear about some special aspect of the grid that I’ve failed to notice.

  3. says:

    I enjoyed this too – and found it relatively easy. My one doubt was WISH because NOWISH (though I thought of it and it sounds right) is not is any of my dicts.

  4. says:

    THis grid actually dates back to a former editor’s allowing setters to devise new grids as long as there were no fewer than 12 answers across and down. So I did one with 12 each way, and I trot it out now and then when I want a quiet week.

    -ISH is in C as a living suffix, so it’s reasonable to claim NOWISH is there – or thereish anyway.

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