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Independent on Sunday 882 by Quixote – long phrase held me up

Posted by nmsindy on January 12th, 2007


Top half much harder than bottom half for me, especially because the long phrase in 11 across was new to me. 

Solving time, 25 mins

* = anagram

1  IN CUB A TOR   Tricky – only got it near the end
11 LOVE’S YOUNG DREAM   Eventually worked it out from the anagram (MY NERVOUS OLD AGE)*.     Not sure if it’s a well-known phrase – a quick Google search turned up one of Moore’s Melodies and an association with Shirley Temple.   Good surface.
13 LON(don) + ELY = see (a crossword staple – bishopric)
19 BAN + AN + A   Favourite clue
23 CHAR + T(erm)
24 ALTER + CAT + E (energy)

1  HILLSIDE  Excellent cryptic definition – last clue I solved.   From the line of the song “We’ll keep a welcome in the hillside”.
3 PRUNE + LLA (ALL reversed)
8 C(O(duck)+V(very small)ES i.e. SEC = dry (reversed).   Very tricky.
15  C + (Peter)HAIN + SAW    Note the Conservative and politician are separate, so it does not have to be a Con politician.
16 DRACHMAE (ARCH MADE)*   Greek currency now superseded by the euro.  Plural can end in -e or -s or even -i, the anagram letters tell us which.
18 SH + IF before TIER (a row).   Liked that.
20 B (second-rate) + OGOT A (A TOGO “on the up”)
22 D (diamonds – cards) + ICE (diamonds).

3 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 882 by Quixote – long phrase held me up”

  1. says:

    Did you spot HAPPY NEW YEAR top and bottom? Anyway thanks for the feedback

  2. says:

    Was in a hotel on Sat night so took the opportunity to try a different Sunday paper puzzle. Completely missed the message. I’m pretty sure INCUBATOR went in last. Overall quite easy for a Don puzzle I thought. Favourite clue: 22A, with 4D a close second.

  3. says:

    I also completely missed the message! Must look in every puzzle now!

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