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Guardian 23,967 / Pasquale – ceci n’est pas facile

Posted by petebiddlecombe on January 13th, 2007


Solving time 13:30

Quite tricky this one – partly because of 22,11,12 which I didn’t get until many checking letters were in place – “C _ C _ / N _ _ _ / _ _ _ / U _ E / _ I _ E” says the scribbling at the bottom of the page.

9 A(CADE(t))MIES – Hardy Amies was a fashion designer.
10 ‘OLE IN – ref. this nursery rhyme.
13 F,ITCH – the fur of the polecat, says the dictionary
14 OC=”Officer Commanding”,CU(LT)ISM – Lt. in music*
19 TITHE BARN – BAR in (I in tenth*)
22 C(LIP)ART – cart (vb.) = drag
23 HAYRICK from Ray Hick
24 C(O)AT,I – a mammal from the Americas
1 MAGNIFICAT – (in fact magi)* – mentioning the Magi on the date of Epiphany must be deliberate.  Here’s chapter and verse on the Magnificat.
2 F,AL (Capone),SET-TO
3 TEMPE,H – some concoction made by fermenting soya beans with a fungus. Hopefully better than it sounds.
4 BI(A)S – bis = twice/again is apparently what the French actually say when we would expect them to use “Encore!”.
6 COLE’S,LAW – Old King Cole from another nursery rhyme.
7 MEDIC,1 = “lunchtime”
8 (m)ANNE(r)
14 ONOMASTICS – MASTIC in SOON* – the study of proper nouns
18 REVEILLE = R.E.,”valley” as in “into the valley of death rode the six hundred”.
20 TAI,PAN – Tai is a Pacific fish
21 (p)LAY OFF
22,11,12 CECI N’EST PAS UNE PIPE – (nice pet pin-up ceases)* – the inscription on the paradoxical painting which pedants might remind us is actually called “The Treachery of Images”.
23 HURL – Liz HURLEY without ye rev.

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  1. says:

    An enjoyably difficult puzzle that I solved only through recourse to Googling a few times.

    I’ve eaten tempeh in an Indonesian restaurant cooked in sweet and sour style and it was quite delicious.

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