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Independent 6310/Monk – In addition

Posted by neildubya on January 13th, 2007


Even before you’d filled in a single answer, you knew that there was something else going on in this puzzle: the plus signs in 2 across and 2 down clues, 8 more in the unchecked squares going through the middle of the grid and great big one formed by black squares in the middle of the grid. The clues with + signs in them were special in that answers were anagrams of each other: RELIANT, RATLINE; RAMBLED, MARBLED; REBOUND, BOUNDER and ELAPSED, PLEASED. Then it emergedn that the unchecked squares with + signs in the corner were filled with the letters ANAG and RAMS. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was even more going on which I’ve missed. An excellent puzzle, with just the right amount of difficulty for a Saturday.

9 BUMP(h), START – I love the word “bumph”, and its origin ()./td>
12 (w)HOOPS
13 R,I in DECAL – had to look up DECAL as it was new to me.
19 H,(c)URRY, UP
21 hidden in “usefUL NARrative”
25 R in GOOD< – DROOG was coined by Anthony Burgess in “A Clockwork Orange”; the characters talk in an argot called “Nadsat” (again, invented by Burgess) which is basically English but also uses Cockney rhyming slang and transliterated Russian words (more about it here). Of course, in Nadsat “droog” actually means “friend” but “hooligan” is a fair definition here because that’s what Alex (the narrator of the novel) and his droogs are.
26 (SAILING)*,SS – ISINGLASS is a type of gelatin obtained from the sturgeon, amongst others.
3 N,S,W,E in A RING – “every [compass] point” for NSWE made the clue read very well.
6 TIT,CH – took a while to twig that “taps” was C(old) and H(ot).
7 IRE, (ONLY GO)* – had to confirm this in the dictionary.
14 CAIRN,GORM(less)
18 B in (PERIOD)* – another one I had to check in the dictionary.
19 OB,O in HIS,M – very good &lit clue. Reads perfectly.
24 I in AVAL – AVAL is a bit obscure (it means “pertaining to a grandparent”) but it is in Chambers, this was a Saturday puzzle and the definition is straightforward enough so I think this is fair.

2 Responses to “Independent 6310/Monk – In addition”

  1. says:

    DECAL: You obviously never used to build Airfix kits (or listen to Captain Beefheart)!

  2. says:

    Nope – I was more of a Meccano sort of kid.

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