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Independent 6317 / A warm welcome to Bannsider

Posted by tilsit on 15th January 2007


Solving time: 43 minutes 

 I rushed to the paper this morning to see who would be the author of today’s challenge and was surprised to spy a new name Bannsider.  First thought is to the identity of our new tormentor and I wonder if it could be a Listener setter and genius solver.  I then start to look at the puzzle and all notions of a gentle Monday stroll are quickly evaporated.

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Guardian 23974/Rufus – unfaulty

Posted by ilancaron on 15th January 2007


I did the Times2 Concise today which is why “unfaulty” is on my mind. As per usual, I find Rufus’s style to be clean, with good surfaces and not very complicated wordplay. I tend to enjoy his puns which can be rather more subtle than might appear at first blush (e.g. 1A).

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