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Sloggers and Betters

Posted by neildubya on 17th January 2007


Tonight sees the first get-together of some of the contributors to Fifteensquared, Times for the Times and the new RTC Times2 blog, with a few setters thrown in for good measure. It’s the first meeting of crossword people that I will have been to so I’m looking forward to putting some faces to names. If someone brings along a digital camera I may post some pictures of the evening here.

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Guardian 23,976 – Guess the Setter?

Posted by loonapick on 17th January 2007


For early birds, the online version of today’s puzzle provided the solver with a challenge – “Guess the Setter”. The setter’s name didn’t appear in the crossword heading, however it did appear in one of the clues. Even before I made a quick visit to the newsagent to check, I had worked out who the compiler was from the nature of some of the clues. You can always rely on Paul to provide some adult humour, and it was there again today. 

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