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Independent 6320/Monk – Come Dancing

Posted by neildubya on January 18th, 2007


I usually find Monk quite difficult but this wasn’t too tricky. I guessed the phrase that appears in the unchecked letters on the sides of the grid fairly early on so I filled in all the missing letters, which then helped me get 13A, 17A, 27A and 28A. Odd choice of phrase though; maybe it’s one of Monk’s favourite films…? Anyway, what’s so impressive about the Independent crossword, and this setter in particular, is the willingness to try out new ideas (like that in 1A) which are instantly accessible to new and experienced solvers alike.

1 SINNER – have a look at the keypad on your mobile phone and in particular which letters appear on each key, and you’ll see why, if your predictive text feature wasn’t working, PHONES might come out as SINNER.
5 CAT,A COMB – I liked “undo locks” for COMB.
10 (NOLA GA)*
12 aRmAdIlLo – quite a common device in the Independent crossword, and Monk puzzles in particular.
13 GITE PM< in IO – if I’ve got this right, “let” is used as a noun indicating a place available for rent. A “gîte” a French holiday home. Excellent surface reading which misleads completely.
17 RIP in CPS – Sir Stafford Cripps was Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1947-50.
19 (u)RGE(d) in PATER
26 E in INN UNDO
27 ALE, L in YOCK – I’d never come across YOCK before but YALE LOCK looked like it had to be right.
28 (OMBIES)* – another new word for me but with O?E?SM there was only really one answer available.
2 hidden reversed in shENANIgan’s
4 R, V in AIOLI
6 RAP in “TEES” – name-checking another Independent compiler.
18 sPaRrEd in SUMO – I don’t think I’ve ever seen this done before but the clue is perfectly fair I think.
19 TRI(als) in PACK
20 RU,NINT(end)O

3 Responses to “Independent 6320/Monk – Come Dancing”

  1. says:

    Yes, an interesting Nina. Any connection with Dac’s tangas yesterday?

  2. says:

    A brilliant puzzle, especially 1 across! I thought it was pretty tricky, possibly through lack of practice. And I never worked out the wordplay for IMPETIGO, so thanks!

    And also to Monk, of course

  3. says:

    I found this v hard – my favourite was INNUENDO which, with its reference to the Carry On films, is v similar to the appeal of the cryptic crossword, i.e. the pun.

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