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Sloggers and Betters – The morning after…

Posted by neildubya on January 18th, 2007


Last night’s gathering was thoroughly enjoyable. We had a few drinks at a pub in Charlotte Street before heading off to the world’s most crowded tapas restaurant, also in Charlotte Street. We were given a sneak preview of a puzzle that will appear in the Independent next month and I think some people had a RTC Times2 contest – I was at the other end of the table so I can’t be sure what exactly was going on. Prizes were awarded to the two bloggers that had travelled the furthest to be there – Ilan Caron  (Seattle!) won, nmsindy (Ireland) came second. Some photos of the evening will appear here soon, once I’ve negotiated image rights with the various subjects.

 Thanks to all that came and to Peter B for organising the whole thing.

3 Responses to “Sloggers and Betters – The morning after…”

  1. says:

    A very enjoyable evening – sadly far too short – I didn’t get to speak to some people for nearly long enough. Next time …

  2. says:

    Incidentally my prize, well worth a trip of any length, was a collection of Independent puzzles — signed by the authors! (now I wonder how much I can flog this for on eBay?)

  3. says:

    A very enjoyable evening – many thanks to Peter B for organising it all. Though I believe I got home later than Ilan who got to Seattle earlier than I got home. 24 hours later than planned for me due to travel problems after the storm on Thurs. Won’t detract from the occasion, though. BTW, my prize, to show there is a life beyond crosswords, was related to a personal interest in football, many thanks, Peter.

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