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Independent 6,321/Phi – nice ‘n’ easy does it

Posted by loonapick on January 19th, 2007


This is my first blog entry for a daily Independent crossword, and I got a nice gentle introduction. This was a comparatively easy crossword (10 minutes to solve) with solid clueing and a selection of & lit.clues.Forgive the terseness of this post, but I have already done an Inquisitor post this morning, and I don’t know how much longer I can convince my boss that I am working on year-end figures, rather than crosswords!ACROSS

1 – BRITISHISM – BRI(this is)*M – nice clue, surface reads well.

9 – CLOVE HITCH – C(LOVE)H-ITCH – another good surface, perhaps a little wordier than absolutely necessary.

12 – TROUSER PRESS – that ubiquitous piece of hotel-room furniture.

15 – ANOMALOUS – AN-OM-A-LOUS(e) – OM being the Order of Merit, an order bestowed by the reigning monarch on individuals prominent in a variety of fields.

17 – INTER – I-N(O)TE-R

20 – ELGIN MARBLES – N in (BM galleries)* – good & lit. clue.



1 – BUCK – BU(i)CK

2 – IDOL – I-DO-L, as in “Pop Idol” and similar TV trash (just my opinion, of course!)

7 – CORRECTION – COR(e)-(e)RECTION – didn’t see the wordplay at first, but it’s obvious.

8 – SONGSTRESS – SON-G-STRESS – the question mark is necessary because “soprano” is not a direct definition of songstress.

11 – APTITUDE TEST – (a putt I)*-DE TEST – originally had this entry wrong (was in too much of a hurry to get this posted).  Thanks to nmsindy for the amendment.

14 – CONTAGIOUS – (gusto ICA)* catching ON – again, I think the pedant in me might say that “with” is superfluous, although the surface wouldn’t work without it.

22 – KILN – found backwards in “ovenlike” – good & lit. clue.

6 Responses to “Independent 6,321/Phi – nice ‘n’ easy does it”

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    As usual a nice crossword from Phi, but I am a little unsure about 24A. As it stands, “love’s rebuffed with pains” could lead to either EROS or SORE, and the only way we know which is the correct one is to look at the checking letters; the apostrophe doesn’t seem to me to force a decision. I thought this sort of thing was wrong, and one should be able to know unequivocally what the answer is. Or am I missing something?

  2. says:

    A niggle – re 27A – N (Newton) is a force, not a weight, and the clue would still work.

  3. says:

    In defence of my colleague: a weight is a force in this ex-physicist’s book – the force exerted on a mass by a gravitational field, in fact – so the newton can be a unit of weight.

  4. says:

    Thanks to my colleague Quixote for the explanation of newtons, as I was a complete duffer at physics, but, whether a weight or a force, they don’t feature in the wordplay for 27A. The skilled overseas trader possibly is IMPORT ACE, carrying N (new), the definition of IMPORTANCE being weight.

  5. says:

    I read 11 Down differently – (A PUTT I)* + DE TEST = hate.

  6. says:

    nmsindy – you’re right of course – I’ll amend the post

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