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Independent on Sunday 883 by Quixote – quite tough

Posted by nmsindy on January 19th, 2007


I found this quite tough – only one clue solved on first run through.

Solving time: 30 mins

* = anagram



9 V ENER(v)ATE Curious to add a v = very and take away a v = very enervate = weary (vb or adj). Nothing wrong with it, of course.

10 T(he) RACER “he” avoided i.e. take it out

11 TERMINATOR I now know that this is “the line dividing the illuminated and dark part of the moon or a planet” so it’s ((ligh)T + MOon + TERRAIN)* a very nicely constructed & lit

12 FESS an ordinary (heraldry). Refers to Brunel’s “Iron Ship” the SS Great Britain i.e. FE (Iron) + SS (steamship)

13 BREASTBONE Homophone of two French words “BREST” (the port) and “BEAUNE” (the wine)

22 LOLL(y) Liked that.

26 SURE for t in TREA(t) i.e. TREASURE


3 (THEIR CAROLS less I)* ORCHESTRAL i.e. band’s (adj)

6 ANTI hidden. The syntax spelled out is “MilitANT Individual has” i.e. contains”

8 BE (ERIE) ST Lake Erie = lots of water. Nice &lit though I think the advice is to drink them in parallel.

16 J (AC) O BITE Would have associated JO (Scottish lover) more with advanced puzzles. Supporter of James II (or VII of Scotland).


21 LOOTER RETOOL “for setting up”

24 HOUR(i)

3 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 883 by Quixote – quite tough”

  1. says:

    Commenting on my own review!

    Re 11 across, today’s Two Brains in the Times (visible near the crosswords) asks “Which word connects the delimiting line between the sunlit and shadowed sides of the Moon, and Arnold Schwarzenegger?”

  2. Ruud Orlagh says:

    but your much on my mind, you often get declin. Ruud Orlagh.

  3. Horsa Amadeo says:

    see it’s very define,your one of a kin. Horsa Amadeo.

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