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Azed 1807 – Hel’s Bels

Posted by rightback on 22nd January 2007


Solving time: About 45 mins without Chambers plus about 10 minutes with to check/finish off. One mistake (22ac), two I can’t explain (31ac and 2dn) – offers welcome.

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Guardian 23980/Rufus – cryptic definition overload

Posted by linxit on 22nd January 2007


Solving time – about 7 mins

I counted 11 cryptic definitions and 5 double definitions in this puzzle, which seems a bit excessive – and makes it very easy if your brain’s working in the right mode.

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Independent 6323/Tees

Posted by neildubya on 22nd January 2007


I found this quite tricky after 4 or 5 clues and couldn’t make any impact at all. Maybe that’s what happens when you try to solve a puzzle at 6.20am. Anyway, once I’d woken up the rest fell into place. Another very entertaining effort from Tees and perfect for a Monday. Read the rest of this entry »

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