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Guardian 23980/Rufus – cryptic definition overload

Posted by linxit on January 22nd, 2007


Solving time – about 7 mins

I counted 11 cryptic definitions and 5 double definitions in this puzzle, which seems a bit excessive – and makes it very easy if your brain’s working in the right mode.

1 MAJOR,CA – strangely, I don’t think I’ve seen this clue before although it looks pretty obvious. CA = accountant is a standard device for beginners to watch out for.
9 AR(TI,STI = it + its rev)C – nice clue, with the two reversed words handled well in a convincing surface.
12 LIQUEUR GLASS – cryptic def. For a boozer like myself who naturally thinks of the drink before the monk, this was a gimme!
15 INUNDATION (in and out in)* – great anagram, with “swirling” the perfect indicator.
26 THUMBS – another cryptic definition, which I didn’t get straight away. This and 21d were the last two I put in and added a minute to my time.
28 SLEIGH (“slay”) – bit of an old chestnut. I must have seen this clue and variations on it at least a dozen times.

1 MO(A)B – populace = mob is okay I suppose. Moab is now in Jordan.
2 JUTE – double definition – the Jutes invaded and settled in Britain in the 4th century AD.
4 AD,I.E.,U – another one for beginners. U = socially acceptable, posh, upper class etc. you might also see non-U meaning the opposite.
6 A,WEIGH (“way”) – as in the song Anchors Aweigh.
7 HOD-CARRIER – I was a bit puzzled at first when I had H?D, but then remembered that a stretcher can also be a type of brick.
11 DUGOUT – double definition: canoe or covered hole in the ground.
18 GYMKHANA (haymakng)*
21 TEABAG – nice cryptic definition that was hard to spot from just ?E???G.
25 A,N,ON=no rev.

6 Responses to “Guardian 23980/Rufus – cryptic definition overload”

  1. says:

    linxit – re 25d, is this the online clue? The paper version is “Judah’s son sends love to grandma” giving ONAN (O + NAN).

  2. says:

    The online clue is “A new number to be put up shortly”. I’ve just checked back again and it’s still the same.

  3. says:

    Solved the paper version when travelling – needed my morning fix but knew the usual papers would be at home when I got back. Rufus does love those CDs – but this time, although one or two of them slowed me down a bit, they didn’t stop me finishing the puzzle in a reasonably quick time, or seem to allow “red herring” answers. Even the Times ones can hit this problem – on my course the other day, I gave the example “An added twist to the origins of life (6,5)”, thinking that DOUBLE HELIX was pretty safe as the only convincing answer. Up piped one of the attendees with “BREECH BIRTH” – which I had to admit was convincing without any checking letters to save the day.

  4. says:

    Oops! I only counted 8 CDs in 30 clues. When I started solving puzzles there were many setters using CDs, which I have always enjoyed, but nowadays very few. Several crossword editors say their readers like and ask for them – and I am pleased to provide them. I accept that some solvers love them, others loathe them!

  5. says:

    rufus – I too enjoy CD’S so keep them coming apace!

    Is there any reason why the paper and online clues for 25d are different?

  6. says:

    Re ANON/ONAN. The crossword editor thought my clue for ANON was too near a clue used recently so we changed it to ONAN – obviously the on-line did not get the message!

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