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Guardian 23,984/Chifonie – inspired by beached containers??

Posted by loonapick on January 26th, 2007


My first entry to this blog related to a Chifonie puzzle, so my heart sank at first when I saw that I would be solving another one today.

However, this one is a bit better. There’s still not a great amount of cleverness here and there’s a huge reliance on containment style clues, but at least a couple of more unusual words pop up. The setter has on occasion also found less common uses for everyday words, and in most cases, the wordplay is clean if uninspiring.

It took me a little while to get started, but in the end, I finished it in about 15-20 minutes, as each quadrant of the grid revealed itself to me one by one, anticlockwise from bottom right, although I am not sure about 9 ac.


1 SLATTERN – S(LATTER)N – hadn’t come across “jade” as a term for a slattern before, but you live and learn.

9 MORALIST – M(ORAL)IST? – has to be, but why does “fret” = MIST?

14 SCHIPPERKE – S(CHIPPER-K)E – “Kent” = SE, not my favourite way of indicating SE, but what the hey – not being a dog lover, this breed was unfamiliar to me and I had to look it up to ensure that it actually exists.

23 CAMISOLE – C(AMIS)OLE – the writer referred to could be Kingsley Amis or his son Martin, both authors I have read, although I prefer Amis senior myslef.

25 ADAM’S ALE – A-DAM-SALE – another term for water – I’m not sure that SALE and “marketing” are synonymous enough for this clue to work?


2 ARRACK – (<=RA)-RRACK – arrack is the name given to various liqueurs distilled in parts of Asia and the Middle East

4 RESTRICTED – RE(STRICT)ED – the REED = “instrument” debate has taken place before, but I don’t remember who came out on top.


15 SCAFFOLD – SC(A FF)OLD – liked this one, clean and simple, just like…

16 INTERACT – INT(ER)ACT – even though these are but 2 of FIFTEEN containment clues in the puzzle.

2 Responses to “Guardian 23,984/Chifonie – inspired by beached containers??”

  1. says:

    A fret is a mist, as in fog. It’s most often heard as a sea fret, a mist coming in off the sea. I’m sure a meteorologist will explain the difference between fog, mist, fret,…

  2. says:

    Thanks colin

    Interesting that the Chambers I have on my desk has sea-fret, but not fret – maybe the 2003 edition does, but I’d need to wait until I get home tonight to check that.

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